Are You a Survivor?

 What if you were alone in the jungle? In the distant past, this thought would have deterred almost no one, for abilities such as hunting, making shelter, or starting a fire were known to everyone. Nowadays. However, most of us would not be able to manage without technology on our side in wild nature. Therefore, in such a situation you will have to rely on your talents and the personal abilities you have accumulated throughout your life - but are they enough? To find out, answer the following test, which examines your chances of survival in the wild jungle of the Amazon. So take a journey, choose your answers honestly, and in the end, you will find out if you could survive in the jungle.
A plane crash in the jungle
During a flight to South America, your plane crashes in the jungle of the Amazon and you are the only survivor. Now you have to survive in the jungle alone. Can you do that?
I believe so
I hope so
A tangled jungle
What ability do you have to help you survive in the jungle?
I know how to fight
I’ve read a lot of information about the jungle during my life
I can run fast
A man sitting beside a tiger in front of a waterfall
During your wanderings in the jungle, you managed to make friends with one animal that became your companion along the journey. What animal is this?
A jaguar
A jaguar
A Harpy eagle
A Harpy eagle
A sloth
A sloth
Illustration of a human figure standing on an arrow that splits into 3 paths
You are standing in front of a crossroads that splits into 3 paths - which path do you choose?
The tangled path
I’ll let my animal companion lead me
The open path
A woman standing in the forest holding her shirt
After a few days your clothes are completely destroyed - what do you do?
I'll cover myself with leaves to protect myself from the cold
I’ll cover myself with mud so that animals who rely on seeing heat don’t see me
I'll go naked - nobody can see me here anyway
A man in the jungle holding his stomach
When hunger strikes, what will you do to eat?
I'll hunt a lion
I'll look for fruit on the treetops
I'll collect mushrooms from the ground
A full moon in the night sky
The evening is getting dark and dangerous - what will you do?
I'll pick up wood for a fire
I'll climb a tree and sleep on a branch
I'll keep on walking until I find shelter where I can sleep
Gorilla and full moon
During the night an aggressive monkey tries to snatch the food you collected for yourself - what do you do?
I'll keep him away by shouting and expanding my chest
I'll try to communicate with him and offer him some of my food
I'll let him take the food, I don’t want to get in trouble with the locals
In the morning, you find yourself surrounded by snakes - what do you do?
I'll keep them away from me with a stick
I'll start running
I'll climb a tall tree
Your path is blocked by a river - what do you do?
I'll build a raft to cross it
I'll walk down the riverbed to see where it leads
I’ll take a refreshing shower
A man standing in the jungle
You start to feel lonely and it affects your mental state - what do you do to improve your feelings?
I’ll picture myself surrounded by the people I love the most
I'll tell myself everything I went through and think about how I'll document my journey through a book
I’ll sing songs to myself
A helicopter in the sky
You hear a helicopter fly over the jungle apparently searching for survivors of the plane crash. How would you attract the attention of the pilot?
I'll make a huge bonfire for half a day so that he sees the smoke
I will look for a forest clearing in the jungle and write S.O.S on the ground
I'll climb the tallest tree and wave my hands before the helicopter passes
You managed to survive the jungle with strength and determination
A man rubbing his hands with dirt
Well done! You survived the jungle and did it with your great strength and will to survive. You managed to hunt for food, built things to help you survive, and eventually found yourself in great shape which helped get you out. You have shown that you don’t give up in any situation and that you will always be willing to stretch your limits, even if it means that you need to do things you’ve never experienced before. In fact, you probably would have been able to survive in the jungle for a long time and you might have even been able to stick it out there for months.
You managed to survive the jungle with knowledge and wisdom
A woman among tree trunks
Well done! You managed to survive the jungle with your great knowledge of survival and the wisdom you acted on. You knew where to find the fruit which was safe to eat and where it was safest to sleep at night, and you also understood how to navigate the tangled jungle by not being afraid to become part of it. You have shown that your brain can survive even in the most difficult situations and that in any situation you will know what you need to do to move on and succeed. You'll be glad to know that at the end of your journey they did manage to get you out, although if we're honest, you probably could have turned the jungle into your new home with ease.
You could not survive the jungle
A man sitting on a high branch
Unfortunately, you did not survive the jungle. You found it difficult to find food that is safe to eat, and the nights you passed were difficult and harmed your mental state. Although you tried to improve your mood in different ways, it only exposed you further to predatory and dangerous animals, and eventually, you couldn’t even get someone to rescue you.
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