How is Your Personality Constructed?

 According to Freud, every psyche consists of three parts: the id – a human's natural instincts, the ego- acts according to reality; and the superego – reflects the internalization of cultural rules. In each person, there is a different arrangement of these characteristics. Some people are controlled by instincts, others by the superego, and so on. This arrangement is what gives us our unique personality and influences how we react to life situations and the decisions we make. The next quiz will tell you how your personality is structured and will teach you some very interesting things you may not know about yourself...
Alarm Clock
Which of the following describes your morning routine?
A woman doing yoga
Light exercise
A woman sleeping
Sleeping late
A man drinking coffee
Drinking coffee
A man walking a dog
Going for a walk
Angry man
How quickly do you get angry at others?
Hard to upset me
I don't
Fairly quickly
Really fast
Father and child walking
Which word best describes your father?
woman holding baby
Which attribute best describes your mother?
A frightened woman
Which picture is most frightening to you?
Scary clown
Scary baby
Scary mask
A disappointed girl in front of a computer
What would you rather be doing right now?
A woman running
A woman sleeping
A woman at the beach
Greek God
Choose one Greek god:
Apollo, god of sun and light
Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty
Athena, goddess of wisdom and justice
Poseidon, god of sea and earthquakes
A man with a book
How do you deal with tests?
It's hard for me to study and takes me a long time to focus
I try to make time for studying but also for rest
I give up trying to study in the first place
I don’t get up from my desk until I know everything
Shopping carts
The line you’re standing on in the store turns out to be the slowest, what do you do?
I'm indecisive and go from one line to another
I wait patiently, it’ll be my turn eventually
I set my things down and leave the store
I voice my anger at the waste of time
Birthday cake
How do you celebrate your spouse's birthday?
Ask them what they want to do
Think of a nice idea that would make them happy
Make plans for things I like and hope they’ll enjoy themselves as well
Invest a great deal of time in planning a crazy party that no one will ever forget
entry door
What do you always take with you when leaving your house?
I have an entire bag of things I need
Keys and cell phone
I always go back home because I forgot something important
I always plan in advance what to take with me
A bag by the door
The perfect destination for a trip is ...
I always decide at the last minute
A trip across Europe
Relaxing on a tropical beach
A place I have not yet visited
You struggle between the id and the super-ego
devil and angel
Since the id controls our impulses and instincts and the Super-ego is responsible for morals, you can see both sides of the coin, but you often find yourself in a state of struggle between good and bad. You have strong and powerful desires, but sometimes you may get addicted to things you love, and although you know how to speak, in some cases you have trouble controlling your anger. The key to solving the problem is not to be swept away by passion but to constantly check yourself, and by doing so develop the third structure of your mind.
You have a healthy and balanced personality
man jumping between two balanced rock piles
You enjoy healthy instincts, along with balance between the ego and thoughts about yourself and consideration for others. This combination allows you to completely control your actions and thoughts, making you a great personality who can make the right decisions. Well done!
You are controlled by your urges
woman hanging from ribbon
The id, which is a person’s instincts, is strongest in you, and this sometimes comes at the expense of the other two structures: the ego and the superego. Because the id activates the most ancient instincts of man, you find yourself constantly looking for immediate gratification and it is hard for you to be patient and considerate of others. You’ll be surprised to discover that restraint and consideration can often be the shortcuts that will help you achieve your desired goal while integrating into society and developing healthy relationships with those around you.
You are dominated by the super-ego
to men with their backs to each other with light bulbsas heads
As a person controlled by the super-ego, you completely repress what your heart tells you and act only through your head. You are known for your ambition, the desire to achieve as much as possible and break your achievements, and never surrender before you have achieved a perfect score on tests, won competitions, or gained relationships with others. No doubt you deserve a little appreciation, but at the same time, it is important to give yourself the option to relax and let loose.
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