How Heart-Smart Are You? It's Time to Find Out!

 How well are you treating your heart? Do you think that you make heart-smart choices every time that you open the fridge or sit down at a restaurant table? In the quiz below, you'll be tasked with choosing the most heart-healthy option for each group of ingredients or meals. Give it a go, and find out how much your heart loves you back!
slices of toast
What's the best for your heart health?
While both contain heart-healthy fats, half an avocado has fewer calories and less total bad fats than two spoonfuls of peanut butter. Avocados also boast more fiber and potassium than peanut butter.
Avocado toast
Peanut butter toast
Fried eggs on toast
Blue cheese on toast
cranberry yogurt
What's the best for your heart health?
Yogurt is great for your heart regardless of your preferred consistency, however Greek yogurt has the added bonus of containing almost twice as much protein as regular yogurt, as well as half the sugar.
Greek yogurt
Regular yogurt
Strawberry shortcake
Chocolate pudding
pouring a glass of red wine
What's the best for your heart health?
Both red and white wine have plenty of health benefits, such as an improvement in glucose regulation.
Red Wine
White Wine
They're both as good as the other
thick slices of ham
What's the best for your heart health?
Choosing white meat over red meat is already a step in the right direction, however fish is even better than chicken due to the presence of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.
coffee and sugar cubes
What's the best for your heart health?
Both coffee and tea are miles healthier than sugar-sweetened drinks. However, while coffee-drinkers may decrease their chance of heart disease by around 20%, tea-drinkers may actually decrease it by up to 36%.
Orange Soda
Coca Cola
shrimp cocktail
What's the best for your heart health?
The raw vegetables in a salad can often have more fiber than their stewed counterparts and typically contain less sodium.
Bacon-Wrapped Liver
Shrimp Cocktail
corn dogs and mustard
What's the best for your heart health? (or least bad)
The heart-healthy angel on your shoulder is whispering to skip the lot, however if you really had to pick one, you should go for the French fries. This is because they contain 323 calories per 100 grams, while 100 grams of chips will set you back 532 calories... Don't even get us started on corn dogs and deep pan pizza!
French Fries
Potato Chips
Corn Dogs
Deep Pan Pizza
hot dog with USA napkin
What's the best for your heart health?
If possible, you should always opt for meat that has been unprocessed, which is why hamburgers made with fresh ground beef are usually the best option.
Hot Dogs
many bananas
What's the best for your heart health?
Anything canned or pickled is usually going to be extremely salty, which is why fresh fruit will always be a healthier choice. However, strawberries are even better than bananas since they contain plenty of heart-loving polyphenols.
Canned Pineapple
Pickled Capers
quinoa salad
What's the best for your heart health?
While both brown rice and quinoa are full of fiber and B vitamins. But quinoa is higher in protein, iron and magnesium.
Brown rice
White rice
slices of beef jerky
What's the best for your heart health?
Due to their high salt content, beef jerky and cottage cheese aren't too great for your heart. On the other hand, both kale and spinach are great for you, but spinach has the added bonus of being almost twice as nutrient-dense as kale.
Cottage Cheese
Beef Jerky
pieces of dark chocolate
What's the best for your heart health?
A 2017 Danish study found that people who eat a small amount of chocolate daily were at a reduced risk of developing atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat), no matter what type of chocolate they eat.
Dark chocolate
Milk chocolate
They're both as good as each other
broken heart game over on chalk board
Your Heart Needs Some Love...
Oh dear! It seems as though your knowledge of nutritious and heart-healthy foods is a little lacking. We'd recommend that you spend a little time reading up on the many health benefits of heart-boosting natural foods that you can find in any supermarket, and the best place to start is right here on BabaMail!
heart-shaped hole in bushes
You Love Your Heart!
Good job! While it seems that you sometimes end up giving in to temptation, it's clear that you are typically quite aware of the nutritional pros and cons of everything that goes into your mouth. This reflects well on your overall health, since eating heart-smart food is the key to a longer and more pleasant life.
red heart tree
You're a Heart Health Guru!
Wow! Your results prove that you're a vast pool of knowledge when it comes to making healthy and heart-smart food choices! No matter whether you're sitting in a pancake parlor or a vegan restaurant, you know exactly what to choose to keep your heart beating and your body in shape. We'll be sure to give you a ring if we're ever stuck for healthy food options!
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