Which Country Should You Have Been Born in? Find Out Here

 If you've ever felt that you don't completely fit in with many of the people you encounter on a daily basis, it may be due to the fact that your temperament isn't entirely in sync with that of your nation. Seeing as the populations of most countries tend to exhibit particular character traits, you may actually find that you have more in common with people from the other side of the globe than you do with people in your own neighborhood. To find out where someone with your temperament would fit like a glove, give this personality test a shot.
monkey thinking
Which words best describe your decision-making process?
None of these
Delayed and avoided
Emotional and intuitive
Impulsive and spontaneous
Methodical and efficient
Laborious and agonizing
kickboxing match
Which of these are you most likely to fight about?
Love and passion
None of these
woman making sarcastic face
Would people describe you as passive aggressive?
angry woman in front of mirror
Are you prone to fits of anger?
young couple embracing
Are you quick to forgive those who have angered you?
grumpy cat
Are you prone to moodiness?
man shoplifting
Have you ever stolen something?
fist punching through glass
Have you ever broken something out of anger?
grey cat in front of brick wall
How often do you end up doubting yourself?
riot police spraying water
What kind of attitude do you have towards authority?
Authority must be respected at all times.
It's okay to bend the rules now and again.
Nobody tells me what to do!
romantic box of chocolates
How easily do you fall in love?
I fall in love far too quickly!
It's not too difficult to find myself falling in love.
It can take quite some time and patience for me to fall in love.
monochrome old friends
What are your friendships like?
None of these
I'm terrible at keeping in touch with people!
Most of my friends are professional connections
I have a few very intimate friendships
I have a lot of friends, and never have trouble making new ones
You Should Be Brazilian!
Brazilian football supporter in stadium
Your temperament would fit in perfectly in Brazil! You are a fun-loving extrovert, most of the time. Very little bothers you, and you have a wide range of hobbies and interests that occupy your time and emotions and leave you with little patience for petty drama. However, when someone does cross you, your anger can get more fiery than a million red hot peppers. You can make people feel small and inconsequential with a single glance. And at the end of the day, that's a pretty potent gift!
You Should Be French!
Eiffel Tower on sunny day
Your temperament would fit in perfectly in France! In fact, the French even have a term for your temperament, calling it 'ennui.' You tend to take the ups and downs of life with the sort of content melancholy of an artist or a philosopher. It takes a lot to fire you up, but when you get angry you show it. Your emotions can become volcanic and destructive, but they run their course quickly and you soon return to your regular self. You believe there's something very gauche about bearing a grudge, so your friends know that once your anger has run its course, you are the truest of friends.
You Should Be Italian!
Leaning Tower of Pisa
Your temperament would fit in perfectly in Italy! You can take frustration and disappointments even-handedly, but the second someone crosses the line, your emotions tend to get the better of you. It can happen over an insignificant and poorly-timed comment, while at other times it will lie dormant in even the most trying of circumstances. This tendency clearly comes from your passion and desire for the world to be ideal. You want the world to function properly, you want your friends to be perfect, and your love to always be passionate, and when these fail you, it frustrates you to no end. Never quit striving for perfection!
London city by night
Your temperament would fit in perfectly in Great Britain! You simply don't have much of a temper to speak of. You are usually at an even-keel and have a balanced and appropriate reaction to most situations. Every once in a while you may curse someone out, but once you get that tiny bit of aggression off your chest, everything is OK once again.
Flag of Israel in sky
Your temperament would fit in perfectly in Israel! You tend to treat everyone like they're part of your family. Most of the time that's a wonderful and inviting trait. However, sometimes some of us wish you had more boundaries. It's not that we don't appreciate your strong opinions, it's just that sometimes we wish you didn't feel the need to share them with all of us so frequently. Don't worry though, because we still really love you despite your excitable nature. Or maybe even because of it!
Sydney Opera House at night
Your temperament would fit in perfectly in Australia! As if anyone from the capital of huge blue beaches and surfing culture would have a temper! No, you're all about being chilled and cool and taking every day as it comes. You have an easy and relaxed temperament that makes you incredibly popular wherever you go. We can't get enough of your fun personality, so please don't go changing!
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