Think You Don't Offend Locals When Traveling? Think Again!

 We've all heard funny (or scary) stories about people accidentally offending the locals while on vacation, either through their words, hand gestures, actions, or possibly even lack of action. Do you think you know the cultures of the world well enough to avoid offending anyone as your take a trip across the globe? Take this quiz and find out!
gold clock concept
In which country is being on time considered rude?
Great Britain
tip under coffee cup
In which country is tipping staff considered insulting?
giving a gift
What should you never give a Chinese person as a gift?
A clock
A basket of fruit
A fine box of tea
shadow with OK hand gesture
In which country is the 'OK' hand gesture not considered offensive?
New Zealand flag and peace sign
Which of the following do many New Zealanders find insulting?
Honking your car horn
Boasting about your achievements
Comparing New Zealand to Australia
All of the above
shocked man toasting with beer
Making a toast with glasses of beer is considered highly insulting in which country?
The Netherlands
fingers crossed behind back
In which country do crossed fingers lewdly symbolize a woman's genitals?
South Korea
beautiful Indian bride
What does nodding your head mean in India?
Go away
Follow me
dirty plate on tray
Where does eating all of the food on your plate indicate that your hosts have failed to satisfy your appetite?
All of the above
head massage
Where can touching someone's head get you in trouble?
frustrated traveler
The Confused Traveler
Oh dear! Your results show us that your knowledge of foreign cultures and customs is a little bit lacking. As a result, you might find yourself unwittingly offending the locals through your words or deeds, especially when traveling to countries which have a significantly different culture to your own. However, that's no reason to hold back from traveling, since you can find loads of information about every world culture online, and we've even got plenty ourselves, right here at BabaMail. All it takes is a couple of minutes of research to avoid unwanted complications when relaxing abroad. Happy travels!
vacation by the sea concept
Unlikely to Offend
Congratulations! Your results show that you've got a pretty decent understanding of the way various cultures and societies function, and while you don't know everything, we're confident that you're unlikely to cause much offense on your travels. Just be sure to keep an eye on your hands to avoid making any undesirable gestures, and you can be sure that your adventures in faraway lands will be both safe and satisfying affairs.
happy female backpacker
The Ideal Traveler
You're either extremely well-traveled or you've been doing a lot of research about the cultures of the world, since your results are outstanding! No matter where you go, people are always happy for you to be around them, and the extent to which your cultural awareness extends ensures that you never get involved in any needless squabbles or misunderstandings. So, go out and enjoy everything that our wide world has to offer, you'll have absolutely nothing to worry about!
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