Do You Know What People Really Think of You?

 First impressions take place within the first handful of seconds of meeting someone new. It's only natural for a person to judge others, and to try and find out what kind of people they are as soon as possible. While many of us feel that we are excellent judges of character, just how capable are we of judging ourselves? Give the following personality test a shot, and find out what kind of first impression you tend to make.
young women buying clothes
What sort of clothes do you usually wear?
Brightly-colored clothes.
Clothes with pale or neutral colors.
Patterned clothes.
Mostly black or darkly-colored clothes.
business introduction
When meeting a new group of people, how do you act?
I start making small talk with as many people as possible.
I quietly wait to be introduced.
I strike up a conversation with the person who looks the most interesting.
I try to subtly enter into a conversation if I hear someone talking about a subject I'm knowledgeable about.
woman speaking
Which word do you most commonly use?
Probably a swear word.
large group of sailors
How do you feel in a large crowd?
broken link
Which of these is your greatest weakness?
Time management.
Public speaking.
Working too much.
Being too critical of others.
man complaining about food
What would you do if you had a terrible dinner at a restaurant?
Ask to speak to the management, and try to come to an agreement.
Don't say anything, but never go back again.
Demand an explanation and a full refund.
Don't say anything at the time, but give them a poor review online.
elderly mixed-race friends
What do your friends value most about you?
You always know how to make them laugh.
They can share secrets with you without feeling judged.
You always stand up for them.
You're always there to offer support.
elderly couple taking a selfie
What are you most likely to be caught doing in public?
Striking up a conversation with a stranger.
Reading a book.
Taking photos.
Secretly judging people all around you.
man rolling his eyes
How do you react when somebody says something that you disagree with?
Ask questions without stating your opinion.
Consider their point of view, but try to offer another perspective.
Roll your eyes and make a disapproving sound.
Point out the flaws in their argument.
young couple playing chess
How do YOU actually want people to see you?
Capable and driven.
As a nice and kind person.
As somebody they wouldn't want to mess with.
As a smart and respectable person.
Confident and Outgoing
fitness woman jumping on beach
The first thing that people notice about you is how confident and outgoing you are! You absolutely love talking to people and making new friends, and you always tend to have a new joke up your sleeve. Your contagious smile and likable personality seem to draw people towards you, and as a result you're rarely ever stuck all by yourself, wondering what to do. You're very lucky, as people who give off such a confident first impression tend to get very far in whatever they want to do in life!
A Gentle Soul
grandmother with child on shoulders
The first thing that people notice about you is how kind and caring you are. It's no secret that you don't mind going out of your way to help people in need, and you'll always be there for a friend no matter how tired or busy you might be. You always seem eager to please, but sometimes this might not really work in your favor. Watch out for more intimidating characters, and make sure they don't take advantage of your pure and gentle soul.
Fiercely Passionate
The first thing that people notice about you is how fiercely passionate you are about life. If you're talking about something that interests you, you can talk for hours on end without ever losing an ounce of emotion. However, if you disagree with somebody, you tend to take it a bit personally, and may end up offending them in the process. Overall, you usually make a good impression on most people, however quieter types might find you a little intimidating.
The Logical Thinker
elderly couple playing chess
The first thing that people notice about you is how fiercely logical and intellectual you are. You tend to remain calm and collected when engaged in a conversation, and are exceptionally capable of making sense of abstract data and theories. For many people, you will be seen as a smart and respectable person, however your reasoning and intelligence may cause some people to feel intimidated. Even if you know that you're right, it's important to realize that some things are better left unsaid.
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