Can You Ace Our Elvis Presley Trivia Quiz?

 When it comes to Rock 'n' Roll, nobody does it better than Elvis Presley. With an astounding musical career spanning 24 years, Elvis was undoubtedly one of the most influential and celebrated musicians of the 20th Century. So, how well do you think you know him? It's time to find out.
small white house
In which US state was Elvis Presley born?
Elvis Aaron Presley was born Jan. 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi.
white Cadillac and Priscilla Beaulieu
Where did Elvis wed Priscilla Beaulieu?
Elvis hands
Who gave him the nickname "Elvis the Pelvis?"
A June 1956 issue of Time gave him the nickname, referring to his moves on stage.
Life magazine
Time magazine
Colonel Tom Parker
Walter Cronkite
Elvis hair
Which actor did Elvis allegedly copy his iconic hairstyle from?
The King was known to wear a pompadour in high school.
James Dean
Van Johnson
Dean Martin
Tony Curtis
Elvis records
Which Elvis album spent the longest time atop the Billboard 200 chart?
The soundtrack record spent 20 weeks at No. 1 in 1961 - 1962
Raised on Rock
Elvis' Christmas Album
Blue Hawaii
Elvis is Back!
Sun Records
Along with Sun Records, to which label is Elvis most closely tied?
In 1955, Elvis' manager Colonel Tom Parker facilitated his switch from Sun to RCA Victor.
Elvis concept
Which song closed The King's famous '68 Comeback television special?
He actually closed the so-called "black leather sit-down" shows with the song "Memories."
'Love Me Tender'
'How Great Thou Art'
'Lawdy Miss Clawdy'
'If I Can Dream'
Elvis costume
Which network posthumously aired the TV special 'Elvis in Concert' in 1977?
The CBS film documented what would be his final tour.
monochrome Elvis art
Which song was Elvis' first #1 on the US Billboard pop charts?
Not only was Heartbreak Hotel his first #1, but it also earned him his first gold record!
Return to Sender
Heartbreak Hotel
Blue Suede Shoes
Hound Dog
Elvis signature
Which movie marked Elvis' final acting role?
This 1969 musical drama co-starred Mary Tyler Moore and Ed Asner
Change of Habit
Viva Las Vegas
Elvis FBI papers
In an infamous 1970 memo to the FBI, which entertainer did Elvis NOT call a "negative influence to the youth of America?"
Elvis cited the Beatles, Jane Fonda and the Smothers Brothers as dangerous influences in the memo to J. Edgar Hoover.
Bob Dylan
The Beatles
Jane Fonda
Smothers Brothers
Elvis in red cadillac
What was Elvis' biggest selling hit?
By far Elvis' biggest hit, this ballad has sold over 25 million physical records worldwide.
It's Now or Never
Hound Dog
Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Jailhouse Rock
Graceland gate
In what year did Graceland open as a tourist attraction?
Admission was $5 when the house first opened to the public.
Elvis statue
Elvis' well-known favorite sandwich consisted of peanut butter and which ingredient?
Another variation of the so-called 'Elvis Sandwich' also includes crispy bacon.
Elvis stamps
How many encores did Elvis usually give?
Instead of an encore, the lights would turn back on, and it would be announced that 'Elvis has left the building.'
young Elvis
What was Elvis' final number-one hit before his death?
The classic song topped the chart on Nov. 1, 1969
Return to Sender
Suspicious Minds
Burning Love
In the Ghetto
Elvis and Nixon
When did Elvis join the army?
Conscripted on March 24, 1958, Elvis was an extremely popular member of the army, and gave all of his pay to charity.
Elvis impersonator from behind
Which song did Elvis record shortly after divorcing Priscilla?
One of The King's most personal songs, Separate Ways expresses his emotions regarding his separation.
Separate Ways
Blue Christmas
Heartbreak Hotel
Return to Sender
famous retro bobbleheads
Casual Fan
Your result shows that you're not really the biggest Elvis fan out there, but that's okay. I mean, the 20th Century was practically overflowing with musical greatness, so nobody can blame you for not limiting yourself to a single artist. However, if you think you could do better if given a another chance, then feel free to retake this quiz as many times as you'd like.
monochrome retro fans
Screaming Fanatic
Your result shows that you know The King almost as well as he knew himself. And who can blame you for being an bottomless well of Elvis knowledge? Very few musical performers today even come half as close to greatness as he did! The King would be well and truly proud of you!
Las Vegas Elvis impersonators
Elvis Impersonator
Congratulations! Your incredible result shows that you're one huge Elvis superfan. In fact, we're confident that you've got just what it takes to be Vegas' most intense Elvis act ever! So go and fetch your blue suede shoes and a couple of cans of hair spray, and get ready to make the world fall in love with Elvis once again!
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