Are You Smart Enough to Survive in the Wild West?

 The Wild West was one scary place! Early settlers had to deal with all sorts of terrifying things, including deadly snakes, treacherous bandits, and disgusting diseases. So, if you're dreaming of living in the Wild West, but are unsure whether you've got the knowledge and skills required to survive, then take this test and find out.
green virus close-up
1. It's 1849. Which disease is most likely to kill you?
The Plague
two ponies
2. You've been instructed to visit the pony express. Can you remember what it is?
A very fast train
An efficient mail service
A horse racing competition
A tavern
cowboy in front of moon
3. You're stuck on night watch duty. What do you do to stay awake?
Drink Coffee
Rub Tobacco in Your Eyes
Sing All Night Long
Keep Pacing Around in Circles
yellow snake
4. Which of these snakes would you least like to meet?
sidewinder snake
desert kingsnake
Desert Kingsnake
copperhead snake
Copperhead Snake
western diamondback snake
buffalo stampede
5. What's the best way to handle a stampede?
Make them run in a tight circle
Let them run themselves out
Use your lasso to make them slow down
Ride into the center of the stampede to confuse them
cowboy dueling
6. Which of these gunslingers would you do best to avoid dueling?
James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok
Tom Horn Jr.
Henry McCarty, aka 'Billy the Kid'
Clay Allison
gun store owner
7. You're looking to purchase a new gun. Which revolver was most commonly used by gunslingers?
Luger P08
Luger P08
Derringer .45
Derringer .45
Colt .45
Colt .45
Smith & Wesson Mod. 627
Smith & Wesson Mod. 627
wanted poster and cowboy hat
8. You captured Frank and Jesse James alive. What bounty do you expect to receive?
Native American on horse
9. Where's the best place to set up your ranch if you want to avoid Native Americans?
New York
abandoned gold mine
10. Don't be a fool. Which one's the real gold?
orange gem
Is it this?
gold ore
Or this?
pyrite ore
Or this?
fool's gold
Or this?
buffalo herd walking
11. It's 1900 and you're busy hunting buffalo. Approximately how many remain in the wild?
romantic cowboy couple silhouette
12. What quality do you find most attractive in a potential partner?
Having exceptional culinary skills
Being an animal lover
Knowing how to handle themselves in a fight
Being resilient and independent
Your Survival Is Far From Guaranteed
wagons parked on road
I hate to be the one to break it to you, but maybe the Wild West just isn't suitable for you. Being trampled by a stampede hurts really badly! So does being bitten by a Western Diamondback. It's probably best to stay away!In a way, you're actually very fortunate to have been born so late, since many of the troubles of the old west are now a thing of the past. However, if you've still got your heart set on surviving the wild west, then get back up on your saddle and give it another go!
You're One Tough Cookie
cowboy on horse with dog
You're definitely a lot tougher than you look! Sure, you don't always get it right, but for every fall you take, you get right back up on your horse and carry on. That's what the true spirit of the West is all about!You don't just follow someone else's wagon around all day, since you clearly like to make tracks of your own. Just keep doing what you're doing and you could end up making history soon enough!
Legendary Hero of the Old West
cowboy on horse in canyon
Yee-Haw! The Wild West is no match for you! Bandits and bears alike dive for cover when you ride into town, and your gunslinging and lassoing skills are unrivalled! The townsfolk shall remember your name for centuries to come!Perhaps it's because you've watched more than your fair share of western movies over the years, or maybe you were just born to be a legend! Whatever the reason, your outstanding performance makes it clear that you were born more than a century too late! Now put down your tin of beans and go out and celebrate!
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