Famous People Photo Quiz: Can You Identify These?

 The 20th century was a century like no other. It was full of world-changing, epic events that changed everyone's life in huge ways. One of the most important changes was the introduction of the camera - giving us the ability to immortalize historical moments. In this trivia test, you are asked to look at historical photos from the 20th century and answer - can you identify these photos?
John Kennedy in car
What is the event depicted in this photo?
JFK, the 35th president of the United States, in Dallas, Texas, minutes before his assassination, 1963.
JFK on his way to be sworn in, 1960
The last drive of JFK, minutes before assassination, 1963
JFK visiting Jerusalem, 1961
JFK on the way to his wedding with Jacklin, 1953
Soldiers getting off boat black and white
What is the event depicted in this photo?
The photo depicts the famous storming of Normandy, in operation Overlord. 156,000 troops came from the sea and stormed the beach on the 6th of June, 1944.
US forces prepare to invade Vietnam, 1955.
US Army preparing to invade Kuwait, 1991
Allied forces storm Normandy, France, 1944
The largest German naval test before WWII began, 1937
Children running away on road
What is the event depicted in this photo?
This famous photo was taken during the Vietnam war, children are seen escaping a village bombarded by the forces of the South Vietnamese army with napalm. The photo is called "The Napalm Girl" for the crying girl appearing in it.
Children running away from a village bombed by the South. Vietnamese army, 1972.
American soldiers evacuating Korean children during the Korea war, 1953.
Children lost during a large army exercise in East Asia are returned to their parents by British soldiers, 1969
Evacuating villages during the division of India, 1947
Buddhist monk burning
What is the event depicted in this photo?
This Vietnamese monk burned himself to death in Saigon as protest against the persecution of Buddhist citizens. This photo became world famous.
Buddhist monk sets himself on fire as protest of the way the South Vietnamese government to Buddhists, 1963
Buddhist monk sets himself on fire as protest against the British rule in India, 1947
Buddhist monk is set on fire due to a rare malfunction in his vehicle, 1950
Buddihist monk accidently sets himself on fire during a peaceful protest, 1957
street filled with people and cars
What is the event depicted in this photo?
In the year 1963, Sweden decided to change the traffic lane from left to right. When the change was made on September 3rd, 1967, there was complete chaos on the roads.
Typical traffic jam in New York City, 1945
A shooting of a scene from King Kong, 1933
Protests and the blocking of streets in France during the Student riots, 1968
The main street of Stockholm, capital of Sweden, on the day they changed the driving lane from left to right, 1967
John Lennon and Yoko Ono sit with flowers
Nationaal Archief
What is the event depicted in this photo?
John Lennon and Yoko Ono started their "Bed protest" immediately after their wedding in 1969. They stayed in bed for a week and spoke to journalists and other media people about spreading love around the world.
John Lennon and Yoko Ono during the yearly flower festival in Amsterdam
John Lennon and Yoko Ono begin their "bed protest" against the Vietnam War in Amsterdam, 1967
John Lennon and Yoko Ono taking a photo for the latest Beatles album, 1970
John Lennon visits the house of Yoko's parents in Tokyo, 1973
woman with 2 children on her arms and a child on her knees
What is the event depicted in this photo?
The great depression rampaging in the US from 1929 until the end of the 30s lead many Americans to lose their job and home. The woman in the photo lost all her property. The photo was called "Migrant Mother", taken by Dorothea Lang.
Woman and children of WWI soldier receive the news of his demise
Woman with children during the Great Depression, 1936
An orphanage director in Warsaw with the orphans she still had after WWII, 1947
Mother and children homeless after the great quake of San Francisco, 1906
MLK Jr. waves to the crowds
What is the event depicted in this photo?
200-300 thousand people took part in the march on Washington. They demanded equal rights for American blacks, as well as the cease of segregation.
Marthin Luther King Jr. Signaling the crowds to stop their advance in one of the first civil right protests, 1955
Marthin Luther King Jr. preaching to a Christian crowd, 1965
Marthin Luther King Jr. waving to the masses during the big march on Washington, 1966
Marthin Luther King Jr. announces his retirement from public life, 1968
people hammering at wall
Rapha?l Thi?mard
What is the event depicted in this photo?
The Berlin Wall, built in 1961, divided the city to West and East. After 28 years, on November 9th, 1989, tens of thousands came to the wall and broke it down, in a move that signified the end of the cold war.
Citizens breaking down the Berlin Wall, 1989
Working on the peace lines in Belfast designed to separate Catholics and Protestants, 1969
Citizens volunteering to clean and remove graffiti in New York, 1993
Palestinians protesting the wall in Beit Lehem, 1999
People on podium saluting
What is the event depicted in this photo?
Jesse Owens, considered one of the best American athletes of all time, was immortalized in this photo during the Berlin Olympics in 1936.
Munich Olympics medal ceremony disrupted by Neo Nazis, 1972
Celebratory parade for Hitler in Berlin, 1940
Nazi Germany members saluting during the Los Angeles Olympics, 1940
Runner Jesse Owens wins gold medal and salutes American flag instead of Hitler, Berlin Olympics 1936
big old computer
What is the event depicted in this photo?
52 years ago, this was a 5mb computer. These days we have computers thousands of times more powerful in our cellphones alone.
The world's first ever five-megabyte hard drive is loaded onto a PanAm plane, 1965.
Fat Man, the world's first atom bomb, carefully loaded to be used on Japan.
The world's first "calculator", 1950
A German code breaking machine smuggled to the USA, 1941
book with candle
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