What is Your 10-Year Vision?

The modern world is full of problems. But is it worse than before? In what direction are we heading? These are the questions we would like for you to answer today, so we can tell you what your outlook is like. So in this quiz we will try to ascertain: Where do you see the world in a decade's time?
We are currently experiencing a pandemic. What do you think will be the situation with Covid-19 in 10 years time?
I think it will be eradicated by then
I think we will live with it like we live with the flu
I think we will still be fighting new mutations of it
I think a worse disease will be cutting us down by then
Do you think the world will be more peaceful in 10 years?
No, I think it will be more militant because we will fight over resources
No, international tensions seem to be simmering towards war
I hope so, but anything can happen
Yes, I think global efforts are headed towards peace
How do you see relations between the sexes in 10 years time?
I think men and women will be more equal and respectful
I think it will be about the same as now
I think tensions will get worse between the sexes
I think men will become an oppressed class
I think women will become more oppressed
What do you think the climate situation will be like in 10 years time?
I think we will have a big climate crisis in 10 years
I think it will be about the same as now
I think it will be better than now
I have absolutely no idea
I think there will be hell on Earth
How do you see the economic situation in a decade's time?
I think it will get worse, following more Corona mutations
I think the world will go into a freefall, much like 2008 and 1929
I think we will be pulling ourselves out of this situation for decades to come
I think the economy will be much stronger, thanks to more advanced technology
When you look at kids today, do you envy their future?
Yes, but only because they have more years ahead of them
Not really, I would take my time period over theirs
Gosh no, life is going to be tough for them
Very envious of all the technology and wonders they will experience
Are you excited for the changes technology will bring about in a decade?
I'm hyped! I can't wait to see what they come up with
Not really, I don't think there will be much change from now
No, I think it's going in the wrong direction
I'm both hopeful for helpful tech and worried about the people using it
What do you think the socio-economic future will look like in 10 years?
I think it will be about the same as now
I think it will become more socialist, less capitalist
I think there will be more competition but also more opportunity
I think it will become anarchy, with different influences tearing us apart
What do you think the average life expectancy will be like in 10 years?
I think it will increase with all the breakthroughs in medical science
I think it will decrease due to new diseases and mutations
I think it will be about the same as now
I think it will decrease because people don't trust doctors anymore
I think it will increase because people are more knowledgeable these days
What do you think it will be like for seniors in 10 years?
Much harder to be a senior, with disease, apathy and poverty going up
Easier, there will be better treatments to help seniors and maybe assisting robots
Harder, because people care less and less about the elderly
About the same as now. Some good, some bad.
What would make the future better, in your opinion?
If human nature changed
If governments start listening to people
If we keep developing and fighting injustice and unfair conditions
If we keep doing what we're doing, things will get better
Not a Pretty Picture
While you may not think the world is going to heck in a handbasket, you don't think things are going well either. Problems seem to be massing, poverty, disease and warlike sentiments seem to be on the rise, and you worry that the future is not so bright and full of hope anymore for your children and grandchildren. <br><br> There are social issues that do not seem to be getting solved, the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer, and there doesn't seem to be any change in that regard. With a trend like that, we will need more help and compassion than ever if we want to survive the coming decade. It's more important than ever that we treat each other with kindness and learn to live together, because the more problems we ignore with our neighbor, the bigger the chance we will need the help tomorrow. So if you really think the future is in trouble, try your best to add a little good to the mix.
No Significant Change or Don't Know
When you look at the future, it doesn't seem hopeless and desperate, like some people claim. Nor does it look like a beacon of shining light, with technology solving all our problems soon. For you, that is idealist naivete. <br><br> You are honest enough with yourself to admit you can't really see the world changing that much in just a decade. Technology might be a little better, the world a little better, or it can all go downhill and we find ourselves in war, poverty and a planet in peril. You simply can't tell, because the last few decades have been anything but predictable, and you now know that anything can happen in that amount of time to change everything. <br><br> So, while you may not be doe eyed and hopeful, you do not assume either, you deal with things as they come and try not to waste time worrying about what the future might bring. It's a waste of time and you'd rather use that time to enjoy your present.
A Horrifying Future
You are astounded at the naivete of people who think the future is bright. From where you're sitting, the world is going down the drain, with war, poverty, disease, racial tension and sexual tension providing the oil for the coming fire. <br><br>You worry about your children and grandchildren, and you see no way out of this for our species. It's going to be really bad in a decade, and you can feel the tension in the air already. Can anything prevent this dark future from appearing on our doorsteps in 10 years? You hope for a miracle, but you don't think one is coming in time, and people seem incredibly inept in stopping it. You wish you were wrong, but you doubt it.
Hopeful For Better Times
Many people are screaming about a terrible future. They worry about war, poverty, the climate, diseases and social tensions. But you're sick of their pessimism. <br><br> Yes, things are hard, but things have always been hard, it's not an easy life at any period of history. And, despite the pandemic and other issues, the world has less hungry people, higher levels of literacy, more social movements springing up and more injustice being aired out and treated. You believe that people do try to improve themselves, and despite all the problems that pop up, the whole of us will continue forward, improve our quality of life and reduce injustice. In 10 years time, things will be better than now, and continuing to do so.
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