Which of These Happened First?

In this history challenge, we'd like to know if you have your historic timeline straight in your head. To check that, you will be faced with two events in each question. It is up to you to tell us which took place first. If you'd like to see the exact years, have a look at our answers once you finish.
Which was first?
WW2 ended in 1945 and UN decision was in 1947
UN declares the state of Israel
End of World War II
Which was first?
Robinson Crusoe came out in 1719 while Moby Dick came out over a century later, in 1851
The book 'Moby-Dick' comes out
The book 'Robinson Crusoe' comes out
Which was first?
Giza Pyramids were about 2500BC while the Greek Pantheon was about 70AD
Construction of Giza Pyramids
Construction of the Greek Parthenon
Which was first?
Statue of Liberty was first by 3 years, 1886 to 1889 for Eiffel.
Opening of Eiffel Tower
Opening of Statue of Liberty
Which was first?
Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44BC while Jesus was born around 6-4BC
Julius Caesar is assassinated
Jesus Christ is born
Which was first?
Franz Kafka was born in 1883 while van Gogh died in 1890
Franz Kafka is born
Vincent van Gogh dies
Which was first?
First electric light was in 1802, while the phone was invented in 1849
First electric light
Invention of phone
Which was first?
The electric kettle was in 1891, just a few years before the toaster.
First electric toaster
First electric kettle
Which was first?
The wild west era ended around 1895, while Picasso was born in 1881
Birth of Pablo Picasso
End of 'Wild West' era
Which was first?
Michelangelo died (1564) about 231 years before the birth of Keats in 1795
Death of Michelangelo
Birth of John Keats
Which was first?
The battle of Hastings (1066) took place more than 400 years before the War of the Roses ended in 1487
War of the Roses (English internal war) ends
Battle of Hastings (French vs English forces) takes place
Which was first?
Christopher Columbus died in 1506, almost a century before the death of Queen Elizabeth I, in 1603
Death of Queen Elizabeth I
Death of Christopher Columbus
Shall We Try Again?
It seems your gut feeling didn't correspond with reality and what you thought you knew is actually wrong. That's ok, nobody expects you to know all of these and you can always try again or look at your mistakes to learn some fascinating facts. Some of these are ancient history, after all. But say, didn't you learn a lot of new things? Check out our answers to cement your learning of some great new facts and anecdotes!
You've Got a Good Sense of Time
You may not have got all questions right but you have gotten at least half or more of them, and that's not an easy feat! You definitely have some sense for history, as well some good brains in your head and a sense of logic that allowed you to figure some of these out even without knowing the answer in advance. Why not look now at your mistakes and see where you went wrong?
Brilliantly Done!
Wow, you answered all or almost all questions correctly! You really know your way around the past. If you used your logic and not your knowledge - that's even more impressive! You correctly guessed when these events took place in relation to each other, marking them in the space of time and history accurately and earning our deep respect!
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