Which Reality TV Show Should You Be On?

Reality TV shows are not to everyone's liking, but they do show us a lot of what people can achieve when they set their mind to something. To be on these shows and even to win them, you must have certain characteristics (besides actual talent) to take part in them. So today's question is: Which show, if you had the skills for it, would you be exceptionally good at?
Complete the sentence: "Above all else, life is about..."
Never giving up
How do you like your food?
Gourmet, or made by me
Whatever makes me feel full
Shared with someone special
What do you currently lack?
Romantic love
An outlet for my creativity
A real challenge
An adventure to shake up my life
Complete the sentence: "People are better when they are..."
People may describe you as...
How energetic are you?
Very, but I'm better in short bursts with rest between them
Very, and I keep going all the time
Just average I think
I'm lazy until there's something to be done and then I'm unstoppable
What are we more likely to find you reading?
A work of fiction that is filled with adventure
A romance novel
A lifestyle or fashion magazine
A non-fiction book about history or the arts
Articles about incredible things happening
None of these
Which job do you think you'd be able to perform?
A match maker
A stage performer
A park ranger
Anything, I'm adaptable
An artist
How well do you do in new environments that take you out of your comfort zone?
Not great, I feel best when I have my things around me
Sounds like a great idea, when do we go?
I'm up for anything, as long as I'm not doing it alone
I'm willing to take emotional risks, not physical ones
Do you like working with others?
No, I'm a lone wolf when it comes to getting things done
I'm ok with it, but I'm at my best when left to my own devices
I like working with 1 or 2 other people, the smaller the group the better
I only like working with people I really like as people
What would you prefer to receive?
A great sum of money
A great deal of free professional experience
A long trip
A new romantic relationship
Fame, money and adoration
You may not know how to cook, or ever dreamed of being a chef, but if you do or if you did, we think this reality show would be just the thing for you. According to your answers, you are a refined person, with a love for the good things in life and an artistic creativity that requires an outlet. You also, while able to work with others, work very well by yourself and have the ability to burst into action and lose yourself in it. These are all highly prized advantages in a competition like MasterChef.
According to your answers, you are a pretty tough individual, who craves change, adventure and relying on yourself to beat challenges. That is why we think you'd do great on a show like survivor, no matter if you have wilderness skills at the moment or not, a show like that takes a lot of independence, energy and the ability to adapt to new challenges, not to mention a competitive and determined spirit! You seem to have that in spades.
The Amazing Race
According to your answers, you are a resilient, determined person who is ready for anything, and is ready for an adventure that will change their life. But you also work well with others in small groups and you'd be at your best doing this WITH someone beside you. That is why we think you'd be perfect for the exotic trip and adventure you would undertake as part of 'The Amazing Race' reality show, where you take a partner and zoom across exotic locations, deal with all kinds of challenges, and things are tough, but never boring.
America's Got Talent
According to your answers, you are a creative person with artistic tendencies, who have a lot to show the world. Indeed, you may have dreamt, or still dream, of fame and fortune, of shocking the world with your talent. Whether you have one or not to do so with is not the issue, but your enthusiasm, your innate showmanship, your dreams of glory and your creativity are all excellent advantages for a competitor on 'America's Got Talent'!
The Bachelor or Bachelorette
You may be single, you may be married, divorced or engaged. Your results still show that you would do great in a show like 'The Bachelor' or 'The Bachelorette'. You are a firm believer in love, you work well with others, you are not looking for some wild, life-changing trip. What you want (and may already have) is a great romantic relationship, and searching can be part of the fun, though it may also be torturous at times. You would thrive in a show like this, willing as you are to take emotional risks and really study and understand the people around you, their true personalities and their character.
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