Which Actor Should Play You?

 We all feel sometimes like we are starring in a movie about our lives. Seeing through only one pair of eyes... how could we not? Have you ever wondered which famous actor would play you if they made a film about your life? I know I have. If you'll answer our questions honestly, you might find out who we'd pick for you!
The weekend is here. What's your idea of a good time?
Staying at home with my weekend open and empty
Getting my friends together and planning a social, fun night
Find some people to have a good laugh with
Something else that is my personal hobby
Complete the sentence: "When I was a child at school, I felt..."
Popular, like a leader
Shy and not very social
Different to most kids
Like I was the wittiest kid around
Choose an animal that 'speaks to you'
What artistic career do you think you would have chosen for yourself?
A performing artist (dancer, musician, actor)
Film Director
A creative artist (writer, painter)
A podcaster or Youtube Streamer
What would you say is your social role in the family?
I'm the leader
I'm the supportive, understanding one
I'm the fun one
I'm the one who's a bit different
Pick something you must take with you on a long voyage
My journal / favorite book
My favorite person
A game I could use to befriend people I meet
Something that has personal meaning to me alone
What kind of problems are you best at solving?
Problems that require delicate understanding
Problems that require decisive action
Problems that require social skills or persuasion
Problems that require unique solutions
Choose a photo that speaks to your usual mood
What kind of person are you attracted to?
The strong, confident type
Someone who isn't like anyone else
Someone who is supportive and understanding
Someone fun who makes me laugh
What kind of animal would you like to adopt if you could?
A horse
A dog
A cat
A parrot
What genre of movies do you love the most?
Action or thriller
Films that bend the known genres
Billy Crystal / Whoopi Goldberg
You would be best played by an actor with a surplus of charm and humor, that is why we have picked Billy Crystal for the guys and Whoopi Goldberg for the gals who got this result based on your answers. <br><br> You are the life of the party. You're highly social, you're funny and you pull people towards you. You easily make new friends and you have an external kind of social confidence that may or may not go down to the core of you. From the outside, you seem the most fun, happy person around, and you always know how to make things more fun for everyone. People wait for you to come back from the bathroom so the conversation can be funny and fun again! <br><br> So, in the movie of your life, we picked one of these veteran comedy stars, who know how to bring the drama when it counts, but are at their best playing funny, charming people.
Johnny Depp / Angelina Jolie
You would be best played by an actor with a very unique, even eccentric, way of delivering a performance. For you, we need a character actor, someone who will study you and present a unique performance to the world. For this, we have chosen Johnny Depp for the men and Angeline Jolie for the women. Allow us to explain. <br><br> These actors are very versatile, stunning performers. They have great charisma, but they can play the most eccentric and unique of characters with great flair and charm. According to your answers, you've always felt that kind of eccentric, unique person who stands a bit to the side of the main bulk of people. <br><br> This doesn't mean you are some kind of looney, but that you are a unique taste in this otherwise repetitive world. You go your own way, and you couldn't think like other people even if we asked you to! That is what these actors do best, and they will study you to learn those little things that make you YOU.
Tom Hanks / Meryl Streep
You would be best played by an actor with who can deliver an Oscar-winning performance by learning someone to their roots and playing that person. Someone who can play a somewhat shy person who has a very rich inner life and an abundance of warmth, whether noticeable or not. For this special performance, we have selected veterans Tom Hanks for the men and Meryl Streep for the women. <br><br> These legendary actors are the consummate character actors, who can become anyone they study. They are needed because your world is more inner than outer, which means to truly act your life, we would need an actor who can deliver nuance at its most subtle form. The slight raising of an eyebrow, the small ticks that make you tick in life. These are the things these actors do best, with quiet dignity, warmth and life blown into each frame.
Leonardo DiCaprio / Julia Roberts
You would be best played by an actor with who can deliver a strong, leading role that emphasizes strength and confidence. For this part, we have picked actor Leonardo DiCaprio for the men and Julia Roberts for the women. <br><br> These two actors are among the most celebrated in the cinematic world, not only for their acting chops, but for their ability to create characters that are larger-than-life, powerful and assertive. This is the person we see through your answers, someone who has the confidence to lead others, take the leading role of their life, and help others find theirs as well. <br><br> When things go wrong, people are happy you are there to help organize and lead the way. You are the strong type other people come to when they need strong and decisive solutions. These actors both have magnificent stage presence that can channel your powerful personality.
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