How Easy is it to Get to Know You?

 Is it hard for people to truly get to know you? How much of yourself do you hide and how much do you share with other people? This personality test aims to answer these questions and more as we strive to understand: Are you easy to get to know?
What kind of social circle do you usually have in your life?
I tend towards large groups of casual friends
I tend towards 1-2 really close people
I tend to keep to myself, mostly
I have many close friends
How high is your self confidence?
Very high
About average I'd say
It's pretty low
Describe your childhood with a word
How open are you with your romantic partner about your needs?
They know exactly what I want
They have a pretty good general idea
There's a lot I need from them they don't know about
Do you ever feel like you are 'faking it' in social situations?
All. The. Time.
Used to but less with age
Nope, not me
Is there something in your life's story you've never ever told another person?
I used to, but not anymore
Many things.
When it comes to social media, are you more of a contributor or a viewer?
I love posting!
A bit of this, a bit of that
I prefer browsing. Not much posting
How often do you feel like you are being "too nice" or "too polite" to people?
All the time
Choose the photo you identify with.
How do you express your anger?
I don't. I sit on it and wait for it to pass
I don't really get angry
I immediately let the injuring party know all about it
I bottle it up a bit but it will soon come out
If you suddenly came down with a terrible personal problem, who would know about it?
Everyone who knows me
Only my closest family members and my partner, perhaps a best friend
I would keep it to myself at first, perhaps eventually tell my partner or one family member
Easiest Thing in the World
Your life is an open book to whoever wants to read it. You are probably an outgoing personality, someone who is social and friendly to old friends and new alike. You enjoy conversations and to learn about new people as well as telling them about yourself, salient stories from your past and really getting to know each other. You hold nothing back from most people, and definitely nothing from your close family and partner. They know everything about you and that's just how you like it. They may be a tiny secret or two you keep to yourself, but in the grand scheme of things they are small things, nothing terrible or epic. People find it easy to get to know you, and they love you for it.
Not That Easy
It's not that you are one big mystery, but you are not the kind of person who you meet at a bus stop and tell you their life story. You don't share too much of yourself with strangers. However, with people who know you well, there's little you keep to yourself, and they will know almost everything about you. There may be a few secrets (or one big one) you keep to yourself, for one reason or another, but you do try and tell them everything else. You are social, but not overtly so. You enjoy your peace and quiet more and more with the years, but still like to have some friends around. You have a good relationship with your partner, and you feel that they know you well enough for the purpose of the relationship.
Extremely Difficult
If your life were a book, it would have chains around it and a big DO NOT READ sign on it! Yes, you do not like to share too much of yourself, not even with people that are very close to you, but especially not to strangers. You probably have a persona you use with people you don't want to get too close to, and you use politeness and niceties to push people away from areas of discussion that feel too intimate to you. When it comes to social situations, you are either pretty quiet, off to the side, or right at the center of things, but wearing your persona to keep people from seeing the real you. This kind of hesitation in sharing ourselves can come from many things: childhood trauma, shyness, low self confidence or a past that will not let go of you. It's perfectly fine to hold your true self secure, but keeping it like that takes energy, and letting go can feel incredible, with people you really trust.
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