What Do You Know About NAPOLEON?

 Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the big, thundering names of history. He was an incredibly accomplished statesman, conqueror and even a scientist of sorts. His name, his actions, his quotes and his beliefs are still impacting the world today. What do you know about the famous Napoleon?
On what island was Napoleon born?
Saint Helena
When was Napoleon born?
Mid 18th century
Early 19th century
Late 17th century
Late16th century
On which island did Napoleon die?
Saint Helena
At what age did Napoleon die?
What was the name of Napoleon's lover?
Ana Maria
Which great battle cost Napoleon his greatest loss?
What was the 'Napoleonic Code'?
A streamlining of the French legal system
A code of honor on the field of battle
A code of conduct among prisoners of war
A code of conduct between members of the French family
What invention was made due to a demand by Napoleon?
Napoleon was desperate to find a way to carry food without it spoiling for as long as possible, since it gives an army a large advantage
Glass jars
Baby Rattles
Beef jerky
Napoleon was born into a family of....
Minor nobility
Silver traders
Coal miners
How did Napoleon react to being exiled to Alba?
The pill was apparently too old by then and only made him violently ill.
He attempted suicide with an old pill
He committed suicide
He declared it the will of God he will return
He accused the Catholic Church of turning people against him
How tall was Napoleon?
5'5 feet (1.68 meters)
5'1 feet (1.55 meters)
5'9 feet (1.79 meters)
6'1 feet (1.85 meters)
What important historical discovery was made because of Napoleon's interest in archeology?
The Rosetta Stone
Tutankhamun's tomb
The Dead Sea Scrolls
Shall We Try Again?
Seems like the life and achievements of Napoleon Bonaparte is not something you know a lot about. What a great opportunity then to read our answers and learn a bit more about this man who changed the face of history.
Good Job!
Napoleon would be chuffed that you still know this much about him 200 years later. Kudos for your historical knowledge! How about trying again for an even higher score, or alternatively look at the answers?
Napoleon would be proud to know that even now, 200 years later, some people still know so much about him. He did change the world in many ways, so it's well and proper we should know about him. Unfortunately not everyone does, which is why you deserve a big Congratulations!
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