Which Movie Are We Describing?

 If you're a movie buff, you'll probably pass this test easily, because few are unfamiliar with the movies hidden here. Still, will you be able to remember exactly which movie and its full name from a brief description? We're sure that if you search your memory, you'll come up with the correct answers.
A rich businessman hires a call girl and falls in love with her
Pretty Woman=_r__ty W___n
A hacker discovers that he lives in a simulation controlled by artificial intelligence
The Matrix=_h_ M____x
A child who sees ghosts gets help from a depressed child psychologist
The Sixth Sense=T__ Si___ S___e
A rich man builds a park with lethal inhabitants that break out
Jurassic Park=_u_as___ P___
A lawyer can't tell a lie for 24 hours because of a wish his son made
Liar Liar=L_a_ _i_r
The story of a person who, despite having a low IQ, lives an extraordinary life
Forrest Gump=_o_r_s_ G_m_
A police officers joins a secret organization that deals with criminal aliens
Men in Black=M__ _n _l__k
After waking up from a coma, a former female assassin seeks revenge on the people who betrayed her
Kill Bill=_i_l B__l
A young boy discovers he has special powers and a destiny to save the galaxy from an evil empire
Star Wars A New Hope=_t_r _ar_ _ _ew _op_
A gentle giant of a man is imprisoned on death row, but is shown to have incredible healing powers
Green Mile=_r__n M_l_
A small child is left without supervision and defends his home from robbers
Home Alone=H___ __on_
A teen finds himself sent 30 years into the past using a time machine invented by an eccentric scientist
Back to the Future=_a__ _o _h_ _u__r_
After discovering an asteroid is going to collide with Earth, a special team of oil drillers are sent to detonate it
The story of a man who ages backwards
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button=T__ C__i__s _a_e o_ B__j__i_ _u_to_
An adventuring archeologist is called upon to find an ark
Raiders of the Lost Ark=R__de__ _f _h_ _os_ __k
Care to Try Again?
You answered the test questions with great confidence, but unfortunately it wasn't backed up by knowledge. Don't feel bad, because we are sure you know all the movies mentioned here or at least most of them. You may just need to refresh your memory a bit. How about looking at our answers to learn more?
A Smart Viewer
You answered many of the questions correctly, but struggled with a few of them, which prevented you from reaching that perfect result you may have hoped for. That said, you should be proud, as you showed you have quite an extensive movie database in your head. Why not give it another go for a flawless score? Alternatively, you can go over our answers and find out where you went wrong.
A Blockbuster of a Score
Here's a plot summary: You started this test without any high expectations, but by the end you proved you have what it takes to get a dynamite result. Guess you knew more than you think you did. All you have to do now is share this test with your friends so that they too can try to pass it with as high a score as yours.
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