Do You Know These Actors' Works?

 How well do you know the famous performances of some of the biggest names in Hollywood? You'll have 15 questions to prove you know your stuff!
Which of these movies was starred by Tom Cruise?
The Firm
Forrest Gump
Men in Black
In which of these movies did Al Pacino star?
Devil's Advocate
Pulp Fiction
Kill Bill
Who starred in the movie 'The Cider House Rules'?
Michael Caine
Sean Connery
Bob Hoskins
Ian McKellen
In which of these movies did Robert De Niro star?
A Bronx Tale
The Godfather
Snake Eyes
True Romance
Who was the star of the movie: "The Great Dictator"?
Charlie Chaplin
Humphry Bogart
Clark Gable
Errol Flynn
Julia Roberts did NOT star in this movie...
Pretty Woman
Scent of a Woman
Mystic Pizza
My Best Friend's Wedding
In which of these movies did Arnold Schwarzenegger NOT act?
Demolition Man
Total Recall
In which movie did Keanu Reeves star?
28 Days Later
Men in Black
Fight Club
Who was the female protagonist in the movie 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'?
Kate Winslet
Julia Roberts
Jennifer Lawrence
Nicole Kidman
In which of these movies did Robert De Niro NOT star?
Donnie Brasco
Wag the Dog
In which movie did Julia Roberts star?
Sleeping With the Enemy
The Client
Mission Impossible
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Who starred (and directed) in the movie 'Yentl'?
Barbra Streisand
Bette Midler
Meryl Streep
Which actress starred in 'The Bridges of Madison County'?
Meryl Streep
Helen Mirren
Kathleen Turner
Emma Thompson
Which movie did Meryl Streep NOT star in?
Mamma Mia!
Death Becomes Her
Sophie's Choice
Much Ado About Nothing
In which of these movies did Michelle Pfeiffer act?
The Da Vinci Code
The Truman Show
Jurassic Park
You Should Try Again
Whoops, you might have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, or maybe, you’re just not into these particular movies. Take another shot, or look through the correct answers and get inspired to watch one of these great stars.
A Movie Lover
Cinema might not be your area of expertise, but you still managed to guess most of the questions correctly. The best part is that you have a few more actors to memorize and film trivia to know, so have a look at the answers to learn more.
A Movie Expert
All of those days and nights spent watching films didn’t go to waste, as you managed to remember most if not all of the actors. There are very few people who know this much about cinema, you are truly one of the best! Applause to you!!
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