The Larva, the Cocoon, or the Butterfly?

 Many believe that we progress naturally in our lifetime, that we, at some point, just BECOME an end-product, someone who has no more to learn, no change in their future, and no growth to expect. Nothing could be further from the truth. All life grows and learns, all the time. As we grow, we pass through a few stages of development, that can be repeated many times in life. These are the Larva, the Cocoon, and the Butterfly. Find out what they are and which one is you as you complete our latest personality test.
What is something you feel you're missing at the moment?
Which of these senses do you find most significant?
Who do you most identify with in this photo?
The little girl with the flower
The father carrying the picnic basket
The mother holding the child's hand
How often do you feel 'down'?
From time to time
Who do you most identify with in this photo?
The manager
The worker
The person watching their interaction
Which of these do you find most difficult?
Forgiving someone who has hurt me deeply
Learning something new
Knowing there is suffering I cannot heal
Who do you enjoy spending time with most?
My friends
Myself / My significant other
My family
Which words ring most true to you personally?
Life is meant to be lived
Life is hard
Life speeds up as you go along
What do you think has the LEAST chances of happening?
World peace
No more aging
No more hunger
Have you made new friends this year?
I haven't made new friends in some years
Who do you think is happier?
A person free from obligations
A rich person
A happily married person with many children
Who do you identify with the most in this image?
The hunting tiger
The birds witnessing from above
The buffalo protecting the herd
You're at Your Larva Stage
You are at an early stage of your development, and the truth is that is quite exciting, because it means that you still have many avenues of personal progression and learning still to go, and you can find yourself in places you never thought you'd be.<br><br> You may scoff and think to yourself that you have long passed this stage, but this is not a stage of time or of personal discovery, but of your own potential. As a larva, you are prime to start any new cycle you want, and you have the ability inside you to treat it as a new venture, something to be explored and enjoyed, instead
You're at Your Cocoon Stage
Being at the cocoon stage means you have reached a comfortable stage. A stage between completing a major stage in your development and awaiting the next one. This stage is a pleasant one to be in, enjoying what your last phase had to offer while pondering the new one you might be taking yourself to.<br><br> The important thing about the cocoon stage, however, is that it should be transitory. It may be fun for us to enjoy who we are and what we've come to, but human nature craves growth, even if it seems like a hassle to us. Life never stops growing, and our minds never stop changing, even when they slow down. So embrace this stage, enjoy it, and prepare for the day you start anew as a butterfly, beginning your next stage.
You're at Your Butterfly Stage
Your personal development has reached its peak in a particular field, and you are like a butterfly who has been given the freedom it has longed for for so long. You have begun a new stage in your development, and you are glorious. You had quite a few difficulties along the way but you passed them all successfully, and now is your time to enjoy the fruits of that effort, fly from flower to flower explore the world and yourself in it. <br><br>This does not mean of course that this is the end of the road, because unlike butterflies, you and I can go back to our cocoon and come out as a new butterfly, ready for another step in an endless quest of mental renewal. Always remember that change is the most natural thing, and we should revel in it.
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