In these modern days, being organized is no mean feat. Most of us have lots of items in our houses, clothes, children, partners, food preparations and many other things that cause our environment to get disorganized. The question is - how do you deal with it? In this personality test, we try to find out just how organized you really are.
What would you do if you came home to this?
Curl up in a ball and cry.
Hire a dog walker.
Create a dog room in the garage.
Hug my cute dog
Which side represents the current state of your closet?
Left side
Right side
I'm more organized than either side
What would you add to this desk layout?
A mini chest of drawers.
It needs decoration.
A keyboard vac.
What is wrong with this picture?
Raw meat and pepper on the counter? Yuck!
Nothing. It's perfect.
Not enough pasta.
I don't know. I don't cook.
Do you keep stuff in jars?
Yes, and labels are key.
Eh. Too messy.
Eh. Too much trouble.
Yes, but I don't always label them.
Would this garbage sorting system work for you?
No. I need more bins.
No. I don't like touching garbage.
It sure would.
Why do I need three bins?
How would you feel if someone looked into your kitchen drawers?
Mortified. They're a mess.
Fine. They're a mess though.
My kitchen and my drawers are a mess.
What is happening in this photo?
I have no idea.
Is that a sock organizer?
This is a sock organizer.
Someone is a bit OCD.
How would you make life work in a small space?
Lots of functional storage.
I couldn't. I need space to spread out.
I'd keep it extremely clean.
What is the best way to move clutter from the floor to someplace high?
Boxes on shelves
Peg board
Hook systems
Super Organized
Every part of your life is organized. Your room, your closet, your living space, your car, your study area. Everything has a place and every thing is in its place. Sometimes chaos can make you feel off-kilter, but when it comes to staying on schedule, keeping things neat and making life work in a small space, you shine! When it comes to organization, you can get into an almost Zen-like state that sees all that clutter disappear.
Quite Organized
You may not be the most organized person in the world, but you are definitely more organized than you are messy. It's important to you that your home is relatively organized and easy to navigate. You know where everything is, but you don't have to put everything in its place immediately. You can take your time with a little mess, but in the end everything finds its place and you feel better knowing your environment is clean and organized. You would never be able to live in a mess without getting annoyed and depressed.
You would lose your head if it wasn't attached. You are the type of person who buys a hook to put their keys on, and then never uses it. You need an organizing system for all the organizing systems you don't use. But so what? You live your life the way you like it, and that's what's important.
A Little Messy
While not a 'messy person' per se, you are OK with letting messes rule for some time before you get the urge to clean it all up and organize. You've tried organizing systems in the past but you mostly forget about them or find them hard to implement in the long-run. You won't suffer to live in a total mess, but you aren't too bothered when things are less than spotless.
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