Which Famous Billionaire Are You?

 The world all knows the biggest billionaires of Hi-Tech. They are the people who managed to change the world, sometimes in just a few years' time! They are driven, ambitious, intelligent and, sometimes, ruthless. Which of them are YOU most like? Take our quiz and you'll find out.
You got, by chance, a large sum of money. What do you do with it?
Open a new business on the side
Give it to charity
Invest in stocks
Invest in my business
Put in a savings account
Which of the following sounds to you like the field most interesting to explore?
Business and Money
Outer Space
Human Psyche
Disease Research
What is your opinion on academic studies?
Very important
Not that important, can do without
It's important but not crucial
It's always good to learn, but you won't find real value at university
What is your perfect vacation destination?
South Africa
The Caribbean
New York
What is the most important value, of the following, for you?
Helping the world
Innovation and progress
Going against the flow
Loyalty to ideals
Striving for excellence
Your child's computer has crashed and stopped working. What will you do?
Don't know much about it, I will probably call a technician
No problem, I'll check what it is and fix it myself
I will think together with my child about a creative solution with the help of a smartphone or tablet
I will post on social media and ask my friends for help
Will throw away the faulty computer and buy a new one
Would you characterize yourself as an introvert or an extrovert?
Choose an image that draws you most.
How do you see the coming years?
As an opportunity to keep growing
As something that must be protected
As full of new possibilities of all kind
As time we'll need to finally connect with ourselves
As a goal to conquer new horizons
What, in your opinion, is the best way to get rich?
Start small and grow in every possible way
Bring about a functional solution to a common problem
Open market niches nobody thought of before
Developing a revolutionary dream and goals
Develop a product and keep at it until it succeeds
Which of these is a dream job for you?
Futurism think-tank
Spiritual teacher and guru
Racecar driver
Professional wind surfer
You're Jeff Bezos
NASA Robotics Competitions Sheyene Gerardi
Just like Bezos, who started small in 1994 with a business plan he wrote while traveling from US coast to US coast. You too are a person with the ability to start from the bottom and climb to the top using your unique way of thinking. Like Bezos, you do not consider yourself the most technological and revolutionary person there is, although it certainly seems that you have a head for innovation and you know how to do business. His business and his range of interests - including the acquisition of the Washington Post, the establishment of an aeronautics company and a historic space flight - are also greatly diversified.
You're Bill Gates
Steve Jurvetson
Bill Gates is a man whose path to success has been paved - but he has also gone above and beyond to reach it. From the beginning, Gates was rooted in technology, did a lot of computer work and developed his own programming skills. Just like him, you also consider yourself a very technological person who knows in depth the secrets of the field in which you have chosen to specialize. Just as Gates founded Microsoft and changed the world of operating systems from beginning to end, so too do you strive to make changes in the way people work and think, even if it's only in your personal environment. Gates is also known for his analytical ability and the way he predicts the future, as well as for his many charities and the variety of donations and charities he has established. Like him, you are a person who cares deeply about the future of our world and tries to do as much as you can to contribute to society as much and as often as you can.
You're Elon Musk
Steve Jurvetson
Elon Musk is an entrepreneur who really covers many areas of business - and he does not seem to hesitate for a moment. From the electric car company Tesla, which he joined and became one of the founders who led it to the top of the automotive world today, to the ambitious space venture - SpaceX which was a breakthrough in the field of civil aviation. Like Musk, you too strive to be a pioneer in as many fields as possible and are not really afraid to try to face challenges from new worlds, even if they are outside your comfort and specialization areas, to become a leader in them. Musk is known as a public opinion leader and as a person who is not afraid to take risks to make an impact - and so are you a person who has no problem exposing himself and being at the forefront to get yourself recognition and influence in the environment in which you are.
You're Steve Jobs
Apple, the company that became one of the most recognizable names in the modern era, was founded by Steve Jobs along with friends from the garage at his adoptive parents' home. He started out with very little resources and lived a completely normal life - and alongside his affinity for technology there was also a spiritual man who even flew in his youth to India for a spiritual quest. Like Jobs, you are a person who is interested in both spirit and matter, and you have a side that is very connected to the human psyche and its deep layers. As CEO and the driving force behind Apple, Jobs introduced the world to innovations that captured the imagination of the world - and like him, you always strive for innovation and a different, original and refreshing thought, on the way to success and change the world. Despite his early death, Jobs is still considered a "guru" That his statements, his way of thinking and his actions have made him admired by many - and so are you, a person whose influence on the immediate environment is great and varied, thanks to your different and fascinating point of view on life.
Your Mark Zuckerberg
Anthony Quintano
Mark Zuckerberg has always had one goal and one way in life - the way of Facebook. From the moment he founded this site, even when he was a student at Harvard University, and to the present day, Mark focuses almost all his time and energy on the social network he founded, which changed the world and today she is so identified with him. Like Zuckerberg you are a very purposeful person, who doesn't get distracted but wants to promote the great thing he believes in and be willing to do anything to make it happen. Just as Zuckerberg harnessed himself to Facebook, increased it to a billion-dollar business and acquired other social networks to prevent competition, so too are you very committed and dedicated to your work - and want to increase it even if it requires toughness, though not sure you aspire to break into other areas that are out of your comfort zone.
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