What Do You Know About Volcanoes?

 Volcanoes are some of the most violent natural phenomena. They belch toxic fumes, flood the world with molten rock, and have been the authors of many a human tragedy. What do you know about these fiery giants that rise above us with their incandescent mouths? Let's put you to the test.
Where does the word 'Volcano' come from?
The god Vulcan (Hephaestus in the Greek pantheon) was thought to live inside a volcano
Roman Mythology
Star Trek
Italian word for 'angry'
What is volcanic lava?
Magma that erupts onto the Earth's outer surface
Molten rock deep in the Earth's crust
Ash that is spewed out into the atmosphere
Gas clouds
What is a 'Hot Spot'?
When magma breaks through the thinner parts of Earth's crust
A type of vent in the Earth releasing hot gases
An explosion occurring when hot magma or lava mix with water
Where in the world would you find the Mayon Volcano?
New Zealand
Which volcano buried the ancient city of Pompeii?
Mount Vesuvius
Mount Etna
Mount Pelée
Where will we find three quarters of the world's active volcanoes?
On top of mountains
On volcanic islands
Volcanic hot spots
Which country has the most volcanoes - both active and dormant - in the world?
New Zealand
The Ring of Fire is a 25,000 mile-long horseshoe of volcanoes, covering many countries. Which of these countries is NOT one of them?
New Zealand
Can you name the world’s largest volcano?
Mauna Loa, Hawaii
Mount Fuji, Japan
Mount Vesuvius, Italy
Mount Rainier, USA
Which European volcano is shown in this photo?
Mount Etna
Mount Vesuvius
Katla Volcano
Mount Amiata
Are there any active volcanoes in the UK?
Yes, it’s Glencoe in Scotland
No, there aren’t
There’s at least three
Yes, but no one knows where
One of the USA’s best-known national parks has a famous caldera (a volcano that collapsed inwardly) and supervolcano, one you don’t want to erupt. Which national park?
Grand Teton
Where would you find the dormant Mount Ararat?
How About a Second Crack at It?
Unfortunately this time around didn't get a high score. It could be that volcanoes don't interest you much, or it could be that we just found some holes in your knowledge. Either way, why not try your hand again and see if you can improve upon your first round?
Good Knowledge
You certainly have a good geographical knowledge compared to the average individual, and we must say you have the makings of a curious explorer in you! You can either try for an even higher score or have a look at your mistakes and our answers.
Volcano Expert
Bravo! Congratulations on acing our Volcano Quiz! You must have a phenomenal head for geography and the makings of a career in geographical science! In any case, kudos for your ample knowledge of this planet's fiery giants.
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