Can You Complete the Partial Capital?

 For this quiz, we're going to challenge both your geographical prowess and your ability to spell those capitals of the world. So rev up your brains and let's see how well your memory and spelling work!
What is the capital of Bulgaria?
What is the capital of Colombia?
What is the capital of Cyprus?
What is the capital of Ethiopia?
Addis Ababa=A___s A___a
What is the capital of Finland?
What is the capital of Haiti?
Port au Prince=P___ au P_____
What is the capital of Indonesia?
What is the capital of Romania?
What is the capital of Switzerland?
What is the capital of Turkey?
What is the capital of Venezuela?
What is the capital of The Philippines?
Perhaps Try a Second Time?
The capitals got away from you, sorry to say. As a person of the world, and as a member of BabaMail - we expect you just had an off day! Have a look at your results below and see what capitals you missed. OR, how about giving it a second try?
Very Good!
You do NOT lack for international knowledge. You definitely know more capitals than the average person. You've probably traveled quite a bit and have an interest in the wide world outside your door. Most excellent. Have a look at the results, you may be surprised what you got right and what you got wrong. OR play again to get a higher score!
Superb Score!
Are you a constant traveler? You seem to know so much about capital cities, you must have traveled a lot in your life, have a tremendous intellectual curiosity, or just love geography - perhaps all three! You have nothing to improve, we bow to your superior capital knowledge.
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