What Do You Know About the EARTH?

 The Earth, the most extraordinary planet we know about, full of life and change. This world is alive, and our whole history is written into its very ground. How much do you know about the home that carries us through space?
According to scientists, how old is our planet?
4.5 billion years
13.7 billion years
400 million years
800 million years
True or False: The shape of the Earth is a perfect sphere.
It is actually more of a oblate spheroid.
The speed of 67,000 mph (107,826 kph) represents the speed of what?
Earth's orbit around the sun
Earth's rotation around its axis
Earth's movement through the galaxy
Where is the lowest point of the planet that's on land?
The dead sea is 413 meters below sea level,
The Dead Sea, Israel
Sea of Galilee, Israel
Caspian Sea
The Fens, UK
Besides trees, where does most of our breathable oxygen come from?
Oceanic phytoplankton
Lightning Storms
How much of the world’s oxygen is produced by just the Amazon rainforest?
What two metals make up the Earth's core?
The outer core is liquid, the inner core is solid - and they're both made of iron and nickel
Iron and Nickel
Lead and Platinum
Gold and copper
Iron and silver
What is the outer layer of the Earth ground called?
The crust is divided into giant plates that fit together like a puzzle
The mantle
The core
The crust
The atmosphere
How hot is the Earth's inner core?
Temperature in the inner core is about 5,200° Celsius (9,392° Fahrenheit).
As hot as the surface of the sun
Hotter than the surface of the sun
Hotter than the core of the sun
As hot as the sun's core itself
How often does lightning strike the Earth?
Every second, 50 lightning bolts are hitting the earth.
500 times an hour
200 times a minute
1,000 times a day
50 times a second
What name is given to the Earth's lowest layer of atmosphere?
Which land-based ecosystem holds the most biodiversity of animals and plants?
They are home to about 50% of all living species!
Tropical forests
Swamp land
African Savannah
Coral reefs
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