What Was Considered Good Health in 1917?

 When it comes to health, it can seem that every day there’s a new piece of advice we are meant to adhere, which usually contradicts what we were told only the day before. But this has been the case for some time. One hundred years ago, what was considered healthy living was quite different from what we try to do today? How healthy would the experts of 1917 have deemed you? It’s time to visit an early twentieth century doctor for your test diagnosis!
To determine their ideal weight, which equation should adults use?
Multiply the number of inches of 5 ft (in height) by 5.5. Then add 110.
Add 100 to your current age, then subtract 30.
Multiply your age by 3.5. Add 5 for every inch in height above 5 ft.
Add 100 to your age, and 2 for every year over 18.
In order to avoid drooping fat around your neck, what should you do?
Before noon do 30 jumping jacks a day
Reduce your intake of fatty foods after age 30
Vigorously massage your neck
Rotate your head while brushing your teeth
Which of these strategies will NOT help you lose weight?
Violent exercise, epsom salt bathing, long Turkish baths
Don't eat bread, sleep on soft surfaces, drink only cold drinks
Stomach massage, excess salt consumption, hot bathing
Evening meals, eating meat, eating sweets
How many calories should be consumed daily by a laundress or other women who do lots of lifting?
How much water should the average adult drink per day?
3 to 5 pints
8 glasses
Three gallons or 24 oz.
Your weight in ounces divided by two
What was the ideal breakdown of a balanced diet?
10-15% protein, 25-30% fat, 60-65% carbs
20-25% protein, 10-15% fat, 60-65% carbs
30-35% protein, 30-35% fat, 30-35% carbs
60-65% protein, 25-30% fat, 10-15% carbs
If you're obese, what's the recommended breakfast?
Fruit (any), a cup of hot water, 2-3 exceedingly ripe bananas, eaten with raisins, nuts, and cream
A cup of clabbered milk, 1/2 cup wheat germ, 1/4 pound red grapes
No food until lunch, I'm afraid
One cantaloupe, soaked peaches, baked chestnuts, wilted greens
When a healthy, athletic person wakes up what should they do?
Eat an orange
Eat an overripe banana
Exercise vigorously for 10 minutes
Exercise vigorously for 10 minutes, and drink 8 oz. of tepid water
Which of these is best for curing constipation?
Correct diet, regular exercise, sweet disposition
Eating wheat germ before bedtime, drink warm water upon waking, take regular exercise
Proper diet, vigorous exercise, regular church attendance
Abstaining from dairy, regular exercise, abstaining from sugar
If you're underweight, what should you do to bulk up?
All of these
Talk less and/or omit details when talking. Talking uses energy and burns calories.
Avoid drinking during meals
Drink a beverage made up of milk, syrup, egg, ice cream, whipped cream, and malted milk
To lose weight, the first thing you should do is...
Fast for a day, only consuming 5-6 glasses of skimmed milk every 3 hours
Exercise vigorously as you wake, and after every meal from 5pm
Refrain from meat and fish
Tell your priest you want to lose weight, and he'll hold you accountable
What is the recommended lunch for an average person aged between 20 and 33?
Baked beans, lettuce or celery with nuts, cottage cheese with whole wheat bread
Two lightly cooked eggs, a slice of cheese, a corn muffin, 1/2 a cantaloupe
A poached egg, baked potato, cream soup, berries
A bowl of milk with boiled rice
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