Which Role Would You Play in Government?

It's a usual thing for governments to have dedicated people for dedicated roles. In the US they are called Secretaries while in other countries they may be called Ministers. They represent different responsibilities of the government, and it's their responsibility to manage them, solve problems or consult the President or Prime Minister. Which role would YOU play in a government cabinet? Answer honestly and you may find out...
When you are in a group of friends on a trip, you are the one who...
Makes the plans and makes everyone move move move!
Finds the cheapest places and the best deals
Keeps everyone's spirits high
Makes sure everyone stays safe
Makes sure to teach the others about where they are, the plants and animals
What do you think is most important for a person today?
To self actualize and achieve your goals
To have the resources to support themselves and famiy
To stay safe and make sure the family is safe
To learn from life and pass that knowledge to others
To be surrounded by friends and people who care about them
To know right from wrong
What is the biggest problem facing humanity today?
A lack of resources
Too much conflict and war
Too much terrorism
A lack of self discipline
Corrupt Politicians
What scares you the most?
My children turning out bad or foolish
Never achieving my dreams
Being attacked
Breaking the law
Being alone or hated
Being poor
Pick something you would prefer taking with you on a day trip.
Food and coffee
A weapon
A board game
Extra cash just in case
Smartphone or tablet
A journal
A friend of yours has a secret to tell you that may harm some people if not told. What do you do?
I'll convince them they should tell
I'll tell those people, I need to do what's right
I'll protect my friend, no matter what
I'll try to learn how this happened and plan a solution together with my friend
Tell them I will not tell but I cannot be their friend anymore
Sometimes it's better people don't know certain things
Pick an activity you always feel like you HAVE to get done.
Balance my check book
Straighten out my kids/neighbors/colleagues
Make sure everyone in the family/work does what they should
Maintain social contacts with friends I don't see much of
Double check the locks/alarm system
Teach my kids or train my employees
Imagine you are in a white, blank room. Suddenly, a square appears on the wall, it is made of one solid color - which color is it?
You are the VP of a large company. You are offered to be the CEO of a smaller company, for less pay. What do you do?
Take the new job, it's better to work for myself
Refuse the new job, it's better to be part of a bigger system
Ask for more money at my old job
Study the new company and make sure it's all it seems to be
I would be loyal to my old company, VP or not
Pick the two words you feel have the strongest connection to each other.
In your most difficult moments, who do you turn to for help?
My parents
My friends
Look for help from the system itself
My boss
How would your friends describe you?
Fun and kind
Secretary of Treasury
The secretary of the Treasury acts as a principal advisor to the President and the Cabinet on economic issues. <br><br> The person for the job needs to be cautious, calculated and incredibly logical. That's the kind of person we are seeing in your answers. A person who is smart, capable, logical. Someone who plans ahead, puts money aside, takes care of their kids' education and always calculates the next move. You have a very solid head on your shoulders, you're aware of the power of money and resources in this world, and you never forget the importance of being solvent.
You are a powerhouse. For a person to become president, you must be incredibly strong and capable, with lots of energy and the ability to mix different words of advice and come out with a decision. Like that person, you are not one who has a problem reaching decisions. You may take your time making them, but you know how to call the shots. You're a natural leader, and usually take charge of situations that call for a guiding hand. You have patience, but when things don't go your way, you can be wrathful, and make sure next time things go more smoothly. Your strong leadership qualities are great in a president, just don't find yourself giving everyone around you orders...
Secretary of State
The Secretary of State is responsible for foreign affairs and implementing foreign policies. This is an incredible important position, and it dictates what kind of relationship we may have with other nations. <br><br> From your answers, it seems like this would be the best role for you, since you are outgoing, kind and probably charming. You put great stock in being social, having good friends and maintaining peace and cooperation with them. You are the ones who usually calms things down. You make friends quickly, and your best trait may be that you always know how to say either the right thing or the thing they want to hear...
Secretary of Defense
According to your results, it seems Secretary of Defense is the best role for you. This secretary is the highest commander of the nation's army, second only to the president himself (in the US). In other countries it is usually known as Ministry of Defense. <br><br> We chose you to be the Secretary of Defense because, from your answers, you seem to be a cautious person, someone who is aware of the threat of attack and always makes themselves aware of their environment and what can go wrong. Beyond that, you're an incredibly loyal person, and nothing will ever make you betray those you've sworn to protect. That is a must for this position.
Secretary of Education
According to your results, it seems Secretary of Education is the best role for you. This secretary is the one consulting the president and running the Department of Education. <br><br> We chose you to be the Secretary of Education because, from your answers, you seem to an intelligent person who puts great stock in knowledge, the passing of that knowledge to others and eradicating ignorance wherever you find it. Teaching is a pleasure for you, and you love seeing your kids learn and get smarter. In fact, you love seeing everyone get smarter. We need someone like you to run our education program.
Attorney General
According to your results, it seems Attorney General is the best role for you. This role is the one consulting the government on legal matters, serves as lawyer for the government, and decides on large prosecution strategies. <br><br> We chose you to be the Attorney General because, from your answers, you seem to have a very developed sense of morality; of right and wrong. You understand why the laws are put in place and you believe in the rule of justice over every other force. In your mind, it doesn't matter who it is you're judging, you will pass your opinion or judgement without any prejudice. That is why friends and family come to you to arbitrate most matters. You usually a logical and calculated person, but injustice can set you off on a diatribe and awaken your wrath.