What Do You Know About Your Hands?

Our hands seem like simple creations, and we're used to them. But when you really think about it, these are some of the best tools, able to do so much with just 10 fingers. How much do you know about this crucial part of the human body? Let's find out!
Why do we wear your wedding ring on our left finger?
The vena amoris (vein of love) was believed to be directly connected to the heart
Because there is a special 'love vein' there
Because Queen Victoria started it as a tradition
Because left is the side of love
Because by tradition the right hand was the active one and a ring got in the way
True or False: You cannot get a tan on your palm and underside of your fingers
Our fingers lack...
Fingers move by the pull of forearm muscles.
Men have a longer ______ finger than their ______ finger, the opposite of women.
The more testosterone you have, the longer the ring finger becomes
Ring, Index
Index, Ring
Middle, Index
Ring, Middle
How many bones are in each hand?
There are 29 bones and 123 (!) ligaments.
The nails on the shorter fingers grow the _______.
In fact, the fastest growing nail is on the middle finger.
Fingernails are made of the same material as your...
Which finger promoted the evolution of man the most?
Opposable thumbs gave us a great advantage at holding on to things tightly.
The thumb
The pinky
The middle finger
The index finger
Complete the sentence: More ______ than ______ are ________.
6% of men and 9.9% of women are left handed. Also, more women (21%) are ambidextrous than men (13%)
Women, Men, left handed
Women, Men, right handed
Men, Women, ambidextrous
True or False: Cracking your knuckles over and over again may lead to arthritis
There is absolutely no evidence for this.
The animal with the most similar fingerprints to humans is the...
Lickpot, teacher finger and insignitur are all names for the _______ finger.
Shall We Try Again?
So you can't say "I know this like the back of my hand." - because you still have some stuff to learn about the human hand. Trust us, it's a fascinating subject, since our hands are some of the things that make us truly human. Have a look at the answers or try your hand again! (See what we did there?)
Keeping Your Hand In
Good job! You may have not gotten the title of hand expert but you definitely know a thing or two about the human hand, one of the most important thing about this body of ours! With our hands we do almost everything important, and it's great to see you know your stuff!
We Have to Hand it To You
You are a hand expert! Look, even the fingers are ecstatic! You've really impressed us with your knowledge about the human hand, the tool we do almost everything with. Our hands are one of those things that separate man from animal, and they are an incredible part of our body. Congratulations on acing our quiz!
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