What Do You Know About Red Meat?

 Red meat is a huge part of our food consumption, especially when we eat outdoors. It has its benefits as well as its risks, and it drives a large part of the economy. How much do you know about red meat and steaks? This quiz is about to test you!
Cut from tenderloin, these are the most tender steaks one can buy.
Filet Mignon
NY Strip
What is the best recommended way to prepare a T-Bone steak?
Broiling is the most internationally recommended method, but pan-broiling (not frying) is recommended for thinner cuts. Veggies can always be sauteed on the side and added to the steak later.
Sautee with Mushrooms and Onions
If you order a steak and notice that, upon cutting into it, there is a slight amount of blood and a pinkness in the middle - what level of cooking is this steak?
Kobe beef is considered to be a world delicacy when served as a steak. From where does it originate?
United States
Which of the following is generally true about grain-fed beef as compared to grass-fed beef?
Grain-fed has much more fat in it
Grass-fed has much more fat in it
Grain-fed has a lot more omega-3
Which of these nutrients is red meat NOT rich in?
Sodium levels in fresh meat are naturally low, ranging from 55 to 80 mg per three-ounce serving
Vitamin B12
Which red meat dish has the MOST fat?
Prime rib has 33.7 grams of fat per 100 grams serving. In comparison, a Rib Eye has about 19-22 grams.
Rib Eye Steak
Prime Rib
NY Strip
T-Bone Steak
Traditional curing of meat implies the addition of...
Any spice
Black pepper
Red meat, compared to white meat, has less...
Omega-3 and omega-6 fats
Saturated fat
Vitamin B12
Which of these is a beef dish that is served raw?
Steak Tartar
Mongolian Beef
Beef Stroganoff
Beef Manhattan
Which cut of steak is lowest in fat?
Filet Mignon
True or False: You can't eat red meat if you have a heart condition
You will need to cut down to only 70 grams a day of lean cuts.
True, you shouldn't even go near it
False, you can eat it in small, lean slices
Part of the problem of eating too much red meat is that it contains a compound called ________, which increases the risk of heart disease and strokes.
Shall We Try Again?
You don't need to know anything about red meat to enjoy it, but it sure bodes better for your enjoyment as well as your health to know more about it. Why not try your hand again, perhaps you'll improve your score?
It seems you know quite a bit about these meats. Good for you! Red meat is a huge part of the world's economies, culture and eating habits. It presents both benefits and risks. You did quite well for yourself, but an even higher score can be achieved...
You know so much about red meat that's awesome! You really aced our test. Red meat plays a big part in our economy, culture and what we put in our bodies! It's important we know about the health benefits, as well as the health risks, of eating red meat. Seems like you eat your share, since you know so much about it!
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