Is This a REAL Cat Fact?

 Are you a true cat lover? We sure hope so, because you're gonna need to be to ace our cat fact quiz. Good luck and may your score be purrrrfect!
Cats truly do have 9 lives.
They only have the 1 I'm afraid!
Cats are the most common household pet in the USA, over dogs.
That's very true. I love dogs but have you looked at a cat recently?
What percentage of their lives do cats sleep?
Cats sleep for most of their lives!
What is a group of cats called?
It's a Clowder of cats!
Why do cats purr?
Because they're feeling purrrrfect!
To show they are content
To show they are nervous
To show they are hungry
What intolerance do most cats suffer from?
Poor things are lactose intolerant at times.
Gluten intolerance
Nut allergies
Lactose intolerance
George Rex / Flickr
Which US president kept 4 cats in the white house?
Honest Abe just loved cats.
Bill Clinton
John F. Kennedy
Abe Lincoln
Cats can move their eyes separately from one another.
They can, however, move their eyelids, change the shape of their pupils, change the size of their eyes, regulate the amount of light entering the retina, and fine-tune their vision.
Only a few cat breeds can do this.
What is a cats strongest sense?
Although their ears are tiny, cats have an amazing sense of hearing.
What does a cat use its whiskers for?
Cats use whiskers to decide how much space they have to move in.
Intimidating other animals
Helps its sense of touch
Detecting how much space is around it
You've got more to learn about the feline species!
You know some things about cats, but there's more to learn!
Are you a cat?? You know so much about them! Clearly you're a cat lover through and through.
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