The dirtiest, rudest pick up lines. Read these only if you are ready for indecency and hard language.

Do you like tapes and CDs? (I guess) Good, 'cause Imma tape this dick to your forehead so you CDs nuts.
People call me the bar stool because of my third leg.
Baby your bone structure is giving my "bone" structure.
I know you haven't been studying, You must want the "D".
What do you call a penguin with a large penis? An icebreaker.
I have a tongue like an anteater; want to go to the zoo?
Has any one ever told you your ass looks like a phone? Because I want to hit the pound button all day long.
Do you like to draw? (yeah why?) Cause I put the D in Raw.
Do you like Adele? Cause I wanna be rolling in your deep.
Can I park my car in your garage? It's pretty big, but it doesn't leak.
I blame your perfect breasts for my inability to focus during our conversations.
You're so hot I'd jack your dad off just to see where you came from.
I heard you like Magic, well bend over and watch my d**k disappear.
The last woman I was with said, "Kiss me where it stinks." So, I drove her to New Jersey.
Are you a flight attendant? Because you're gonna be plane with this d**k soon.
Are you a racehorse? Cause when I ride you'll always finish first.
You run track? Because I heard you relay want this d**k.
Is your name Tanya? Cuz I'm gonna tan ya ass.
I heard your grades are bad, so I'm sure this D won't hurt.
If you were a washing machine, I would put my dirty load inside you.
Roses or daises? Now I know what flowers to put on your casket when I murder that pussy.
Are you an elevator? Because i want to go down on you.
They're called "eyebrows" cus my eyes are browsin your fine ass.
I'm going to have se* with you later, so you might as well be there!
Hey do you have an inhaler? Cause I heard you got that ass ma!
Hello, I'm bisexual. I'd like to BUY you a drink...and then get sexual.
Girl, you should sell hotdogs, because you already know how to make a weiner stand.
I may not go down in history, but I'll go down on you.
"Wanna go on an ate with me? I'll give you the D later."
I'm a businessman. I work in orifices, got any openings?