Don't crack under the sheer awesomeness of our Bone Puns!

Why do youngsters like pelvic bones so much?
Because they're hip.
I find bone puns very
What bone does a dog not eat?
A trombone.
I boiled a funny bone once.
It turned into a laughing stock.
Someone said, "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me."
So I through a dictionary at them.
Dogs can't see your bones.
But catscan.
What are the two most profane bones in the human body?
The blasfemurs.
How many bones are in the human hand?
A handful of them.
I went skiing with broken bones.
I can't afford real skis.
How heavy are your bones?
They are scale-a-ton.
What do you call two spine bones that are friends?
What do you call a dog that likes to dig up bones?
A barkeologist.
I took my dog's bone away from him.
She was fur-rious.
What happens when you shatter your funny bone?
You crack up.
Recently, my friend had his ankle bone crack.
I told him he shouldn't be so broken up over it.
What do you call a fake bone?
A faux-knee.
What did the skeleton say to the French soldier? Bone Jaw
My family visited a rude psychic, with degenerative bone disease, who insisted all of us had bad breath.
She was a super callous fragile mystic expecting halitosis.
The sound of my bones really cracks me up.
What’s the least honest bone in the body?
The fibula.
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