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The Loyal Swallow

This is a sad tale and moment, and I'm sorry to have to show it to you, but I believe the message and the implications coming from this tale renew and strengthen my belief that animals have just as many feelings as we do.

This poor swallow's mate was hit by a car when flying too low and was dreadfully injured.

The loyal swallow brought his mate food and took care of her as best he could.

But when returning to bring her more food, he found her already dead.

He tried to move her...

Finally understanding that she is gone, he started shrieking his agony at her passing.

He stood by her body, knowing she will not get up again, and continued to cry for her.

Millions of people all over the world cried after seeing these photos. The photographer sold them for a minimal sum and every copy was sold out that very day.

Most people may think that animals have no mind or emotions. You have just witnessed the sorrow that an animal can possess. We can always learn from our fellow creatures.

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