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This Is Why Cats Are Better Than Men

 If your spouse could be a bit more feline, wouldn't that be great? I mean, consider all the considerate things they would do for you. Guys - We're just kidding, most of these jokes can be directed against women!

Cats will never go to the bathroom and leave the door open


They are much cuter when asleep


They have no problem getting up to turn off the light before bedtime


They are happy to help around the house


They have no problem with dependencies


Even your spouse would understand


They give specific instructions and have patience to wait until you understand


They are not afraid of looking after themselves, rather they enjoy it!


They will help you correct spelling errors


Cats are always happy to give you sound advice for life


They are be ready to carry everything on their backs and not let you help


They know how to put anyone in their place


They have no trouble getting to know your weird friends ...



They always jump at the chance to organize a dance party


They don't make a face when you ask for a massage


Cats always look up to you


They will let you groom them to your heart's content


They will not hesitate to beg you


And let's be honest, your spouse will never be as sweet!

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