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This Story Holds a Truth We All Know In Our Hearts.

 One day the employees of a medium sized company got to the office in the morning and were amazed to discover a big sign, hanging on one of the doors, that said:

"Yesterday died the person who was holding you back in the company. We invite you to take part in the funeral that will be held outside."


At first all were sad that a co-worker died, but were quickly consumed by curiosity and wanted to know who was that person who held them back.
The excitement outside was palpable, and security had to control the crowd. Each person thought: "Who is this person who held me back, and am I happy he's gone?"
One after another they stepped up to the casket, and as they looked inside they were shocked and silent. They stood there as if someone from above has frozen them in place.
Inside the coffin was a mirror: Each person looking in saw themselves..


Next to the mirror was a note saying:

"There is only one person who can hold you back - and that's you.

You are the only person who can help yourself. 

Life doesn't change when your friends or family change, they change when you change them, when you cross lines you've never crossed before, when you understand you are the only person responsible for your own life.

The most important relationship you can have in your life is with yourself. Watch yourself. Test yourself.

Don't fear challenges and hardships - make yourself and make your reality.

The way you deal with life makes all the difference..."

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