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14 Sources of Protein Clean from Chemicals

Clean protein is hard to come by. Much of our major sources of protein like meat, fish, poultry, dairy and eggs are treated with pesticides, heavy metals and antibiotics, which can have serious health effects. If you want to avoid chemical-induced forms of protein, there are a number of ways to do it! Here are 14 clean sources of protein that you should add to your daily meals.

1. Almonds
clean protein

Almonds are a great source of protein and they also work as an anti-inflammatory. They are a great source of healthy fats, fiber and protein. To make almonds easier to digest, soak them the night before and peel the skins off.


2. Spirulina
clean protein

This superfood contains around 65 to 71 complete protein, which is a higher percentage than any other unprocessed food. Also, unlike some forms of protein, the protein in spirulina is 85 to 95 percent digestible because it does not have cellulose in its cell walls.

3. Wild Fish
clean protein

You may think that all fish is healthy, but really the origin of the fish matters. Farmed fish is not the same as wild fish because they are not fed a natural diet and do not have as many omega-3s as wild fish. Make sure you ask in the supermarket or tell your local fisherman that you are only interested in wild, fresh fish.


4. Quinoa
clean protein

A miracle grain in every sense, quinoa is a popular source of protein among vegetarians and non-vegetarians a like. It is a complete protein, tastes great and is easy to cook. Even your kids will like quinoa once they try it! Buckwheat is another grain that is a complete protein and can be substituted for quinoa.

5. Cage-Free Eggs
clean protein

Eggs are an important source of protein, as well as thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, folic acids, vitamins B12, biotin, vitamin D, vitamin E and phosphorus. Look for eggs that were raised 'cage-free', that do no have antibiotics or chemically altered egg whites. Also, know that whole eggs are much more nutritious than egg whites, since egg yolks contain most of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega-3s.


6. Hemp Seeds
clean protein

Hemp seeds are completely hypoallergenic, contain over 30 percent protein - 65 percent of which comes from the protein edestin that is easily digested.


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7. Chia Seeds
clean protein

A miracle food that can be added to nearly everything and has no taste, chia seeds are a complete protein that mildly anti-inflammatory and easy to digest. They are also a good source of calcium, phosphate, dietary fiber and maganese.


8. Whey Powder
clean protein

This is the second most abundant protein derived from milk (or casein), usually found in meal-replacement powders, protein powders and other ready to consume drinks. Whey contains a slew of essential amino acids, including glutamine, an immune-boosting amino acid. Make sure that you get grass-fed. Organic and hormone free.


9. Lentils
clean protein

Although they are not a complete protein, lentils can be a great source of amino acids, carbs and even more. When the grains are combined they become a delicious and rich complete protein that's hard to resist!


10. Organic Chicken
clean protein

Chicken contains a number of essential amino acids, but make sure you choose chicken that was raised without antibiotics and in humane conditions. You will see a huge difference between organic chick and farm-raised chicken in both the taste and the effects on the body.


11. Cottage Cheese and Greek Yogurt
clean protein

If your dietitian told you to lay off the dairy products, they were wrong. If you don't have a sensitivity to diary rich products like plain cottage cheese and Greek yogurt are great ways to get clean protein into your diet. Both of them are low in sugar, have good amounts of protein and contain healthy fats. Choose organic products that avoid hormones, chemicals and hidden antibiotics and other additives.


12. Tempeh
clean protein

A common dish in Southeast Asia, tempeh is made out of fermented soy. Make sure that the tempeh is organic and that it hasn't been genetically modified. It has been shown that soy protein is comparable to other high-quality protein sources like meat, milk, fish and eggs, if it is organic. Refrain from 'fake' soy meats and don't rely on soy alone for your source of protein if you are a vegan.


13. Grass-Fed Beef
clean protein

We all love a good steak, but not when the cow has suffered for us to eat it! Beef is full of zinc, iron and a number of amino acids that make it important for the body. Grass-fed meat may be a tad more expensive, but it will pay your back in superb taste.


14. Pea and Rice Protein Powder
clean protein

If you are still not getting enough protein in your diet, try a combination of rice and pea protein. This powder is actually one of the better tasting concentrates and usually comes 80-90 percent pure, hypoallergenic and in a easily digestible form.

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