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Things We Learned from the Internet - Lovely!

We've learned not to trust first impressions.

תמונות מצחיקות

And don't believe the line 'dance like no one is watching', because someone is.


That a pig can be a pretty clean animal


And that there are still surprises out there


That you can always change your mind at the last minute


Especially when doing something foolish

תמונות מצחיקות

Or something that might cost us dearly…

תמונות מצחיקות

Because everyone knows that you pay for your mistakes


We learned that no matter what you can do


Whether you can do it yourself

תמונות מצחיקות


Or need a friend to do it


There will always be someone who does it better


We learned who our enemies are

תמונות מצחיקות

And when they attack


We also learned how to attack back


And to pick out battles

תמונות מצחיקות

Because you can always turn an enemy into a friend


And these are the things we learned from the internet,


Get it?

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