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Always Capture Oppurtunities - A Good Lesson!

A 40 year old man who had had enough of his life,
decided to go to God and ask him for a new life.
On his way he met a dry tree and asked him:
How is Life?
The tree answered:  “It’s terrible, I am drying up and the water isn’t reaching me.
I am on my way to God”, answered the man, “I’ll talk to him for you too”.

When he was half way to God, the man met a sad girl sitting by a large house.
How’s life?” asked the man.
Disappointing”, she said, “I am sitting here all by myself and no guy is coming around”.
I am on my way to God”, answered the man, “I’ll talk to him for you too”, promised the  man.

Towards the end of his journey the man met a scrawny fox,
Who complained that he had nothing to eat.

The man promised the fox that he would talk about him with God too.

The man came to God and told him of all of his troubles.
God told him: “I am going to change your luck,
but you have to be smart enough to catch it.

God also gave him a letter for each one of the
 poor souls that he met on his way.

The man came to the dry tree and gave him the letter from God,
The tree read the letter and told him:
God told me that no water is reaching me because

There is a bag full of  diamonds stuck between my roots
And between the spring.
Maybe you can help me extricate the bag?

I am sorry”, replied the man,
"I don’t have any time,
God told me that he is sending me luck
And I have to hurry up and catch it

Later on the man met the girl,
He brought her the letter and she told him:
God wrote me that he will make me and
The first man who agrees to marry me rich and happy.
Maybe you want to be my husband?
I am sorry”, answered the man,
God promised me that he is sending me luck
I have to run and catch it

And then the man met the fox and gave him his letter,
The fox read the letter and then grabbed the man by the throat .
A second before he lost consciousness,
 the man saw the fox’s letter and it said:
When the idiot reaches you, eat him

This presentation is dedicated to all those who knew
How to identify the moment and grabbed it with both hands.     

Have a good day!


Image: Vlado

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