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Now That's a Bad Sign! - Hilarious!

Now That's a Bad Sign!

So that's where all the stuff is...


Very useful to know...

A great sobriety test

We're dying to know what 'object' this was

Please, do not entice the Alligators

You are not allowed to drown!

Just take a few million steps to your right...

Good to know...


Thank god there's a sign

Coolers - The ultimate in glass technology

Newst topping - Cardboard

This may be self-explanatory

How stupid do they think people are?

Perhaps you should take a right...

The punishment sure fits the crime...

They really don't like soccer players around here

Now that's just uncalled for..

Those are some angry birds...

You may enter, just don't use it as an entrance... ahhh...

And you thought the birds were angry...

Always good advice

Certainty to the right. Mystery to the left.

Darn, you mean it can't be used to surf with?

I seriously hope no one has ever needed this sign

Doesn't the WALL send the same message?

Good thing the sign is there to stop us from making some horrible mistake

Again, uncalled for

Did this really happen often enough to warrant a sign??

No dueling with the gate please

They just ruin it for the rest of us...


Try not to swim here please

Is this a lima bean resteraunt?


Tough school...

So easily confused...

Find the differences...



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