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TrackingPoint: Weapon of the Future?

Is the weapon of the future already here? Meet the TrackingPoint rifle, the gun that aims for you. How does it do it?

It actually has a computerized (Linux operated) system that takes into account everything from wind and moisture levels to the shooter's movements and gravity forces. All the shooter has to do is 'tag' a target, and then, whenever they choose, they can bring the rifle back to that point. The moment the rifle is in ideal location it will fire, hitting with amazing accuracy.

Video: Explaining the rifle

The scope performs all ballistic calculations, and even triggers the firearm to fire when it is in the proper position to hit the intended target.

Basically, it can make a sharpshooter out of anyone, which is why it has gotten a lot of criticism. Some say it is too dangerous a weapon to offer for non-military use, while others maintain it takes all the skill out of hunting.
Video: A novice firing the trackingpoint rifle for the first time

But if we've learned anything from history, better weapons are always adopted by the armies and criminals, and so we are quite sure we will be hearing more about this futuristic rifle. 
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