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Silly Animal Antics That Will Have You Chuckling

Animals have a mind of their own and will do whatever their instincts tell them. To many of us, that is exactly what makes them so precious! They live life according to their own rules and their goofy antics never fail to put a smile on our faces. So, are you ready to enjoy another dose of animal madness? Scroll on to meet some of the silliest animals you will ever encounter – from a raccoon reacting to a “proposal” to a cheetah being issued a speeding ticket. 

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1. Buddies for life...

Silly Animals, racoon AND DOG

2. "For me? Really? You shouldn't have!"

Silly Animals, racoon

3. Photobomber

Silly Animals, Photo bomber, CAT

4. “Do we really have to do this, Carl?” 

Silly Animals, Photo bomber, CAT and dog

5. "You were WAYYY above the speed limit, Sir!

Silly Animals, cheetah

6. Rebel with a cause

Silly Animals, dog

7. "Moo-eaow"

Silly Animals, cat

8. "Well, are you going to invite me in, or what?"

Silly Animals, cow

9. He is a native pigeon chief

Silly Animals, pigeon

10. "We want to know if lunch is ready yet."

Silly Animals,

11. There will be no cheating under Professor Ginger's supervision

Silly Animals, cat, teacher

12. "Did you add my special treats to the list?"

Silly Animals, KITTEN

13. Oops! Someone didn't get a float...

Silly Animals, Dog

14. Wonder what he's watching!

Silly Animals, cat, TV

15. Sergeant Fluffy Buns reporting for duty

Silly Animals, bunny police

16. "That was a nice cup of coffee, Susan. But next time, can you please bring me a bucket?"

Silly Animals, horse, coffee

17. "Look, no more pictures, okay? I need to rest."

Silly Animals, puppy

18. This flight is obviously overbooked

Silly Animals, birds
All images source: Acid Cow
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