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15 Signs Tweaked With Hilarious Results

Tweaking your own wardrobe, customizing the interior of your car, or even embellishing your nails with creative designs is something we encounter on a daily basis. After all, there are certain areas in our lives where creative edits are acceptable or even welcome. But we’re not very sure that these signs should be on that list. Nevertheless, these signs were creatively edited, so to speak, and it’s all in good humor. While we cannot wholeheartedly endorse such sign customizations, we can certainly appreciate the smiles they have given us!

1. This one's subtle but effective - do you see it?

Altered Signs cutting corners

2. Imagine stumbling upon this artistic sign on your way!

Altered Signs artistic face

3. At this place, only the fastest workers survive!

Altered Signs polar bear sign

4. That's one jolly character!

Altered Signs wet floor sign

5. Some signs must be altered to be grammatically correct...

Altered Signs keep calm and study

6. The more googly eyes, the merrier!

Altered Signs googly eyes on menu

7. Sometimes, just one letter makes a huge difference!

Altered Signs glitter

8. Oh no! This sign is harsh!

Altered Signs pee limit

9. That must be one special shower!

Altered Signs presidential shower

10. Googly eyes make perfect sense here...

Altered Signs Googly eyes restroom

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11. Bacon street sounds like fun!

Altered Signs Bacon street

12. This is the last one with googly eyes, we promise...

Altered Signs googly eyes face masks

13. Hilarious!

Altered Signs dang girl

14. Sorry, but what kind of rocks?

Altered Signs rocks

15. It's been Josh all along...

Altered Signs Josh
Source of all images: Reddit
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