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Pet-Safety Tips For Winter Inclement Weather

As you prepare for storm season, there are many checklists to go through. There's the chimney to sweep, the outdoor patio to tend to, the garden to fertilize, and of course, many other home preparation tips like sealing the windows, stocking the pantry, and such. As you go through all these checklists, allow us to contribute some tips on how to keep your pets safe during storms and extremely inclement weather. The tips are for both dogs and cats alike.
Huskey wearing yellow raincoat
  • Set them up in their crate with a blanket or a calming toy.
  • Consider a GPS tracking collar or an ID tag (with no address, for your own safety). This way, if they flee in a panic, you have a first lead on how to find them.
  • If there's a big storm coming and you expect a power shortage, you'll probably be stocking up on supplies. Don't forget to stock up on pet food and blankets for your pets as well.
  • Use desensitizing tracks following instructions on the video. If you're planning to do that, start a week before the storm.
  • You can go on this YouTube channel that's full of calming sounds for pets. Use the tracks to mask the storm sounds.
man seen from the back carrying a cat in the snow
  • Cuddles have their own way of working magic. Even pressure applied all over the body calms the nervous system. If you have a weighted blanket, you can invite your pet to cuddle with you.
  • Check the front yard for any hazardous sharp objects or fallen lines before letting your pets out after the storm. Consider a reflective leash and collar.
  • Make sure your pet can easily return home if they're allowed outside the house on their own.
  • Check all pet microchip details to make they're up-to-date and that you're well experienced in accessing and operating your account.
  • If you're staying in the basement, keep all toxic chemicals locked away. These include cleaning products, fertilizers, and pest control poisons.

H/T: EmpoweringMichigan, HouseBeautiful.

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