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Photographer Captures the Innocent Beauty of Donkeys

 We often show you photos of cute and beautiful animals like cats, dogs, squirrels, horses, and bunnies. Today, let’s discover the tender beauty of donkeys! The pictures below are from Il Rifugio degli Asinelli, an Italian Donkey Sanctuary. Established in 1969, this organization has been working to help people appreciate and understand these gorgeous animals a little better.

There are 135 donkeys and mules at the sanctuary, and most of them have been through tough times. Many of them were mistreated and neglected but have fortunately found a haven on this farm. Rachele Totaro, who works at the sanctuary, loves taking pictures of these animals to share their beauty with the world. We generally assume donkeys to be stubborn or stoic creatures. But these striking photos reveal their playful, curious, naughty, and cute sides too!

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1. Stuck in fairyland...

Beauty of Donkeys, fairyland

2. Tasting daisies...

Beauty of Donkeys, daisies

3. Reflection

Beauty of Donkeys, Reflections

4. An apple a day...

Beauty of Donkeys, apple

5. They have such beautiful eyes!

Beauty of Donkeys, eyes

6. Framed

Beauty of Donkeys,

7. Pure magic!

donkey cute, farm

8. Beautifully atmospheric

beauty of donkeys, atmospheric

9. Hello, brother!

beauty of donkeys, brother

10. Family time...

beauty of donkeys, Family

11. Adorable!

beauty of donkeys,

12. This is so sweet...

beauty of donkeys,

13. A little bit of sunbathing to start the day

beauty of donkeys, sunbathing

14. Smile for the camera

beauty of donkeys, mood'

15. Peek-a-boo

beauty of donkeys, Peek-a-boo

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