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Print Elevation Maps of Wilderness in the USA

 Sean Conway is trained in geography and cartography, but he uses that knowledge to make art: he makes illusionist elevation maps that look so 3D they can puncture the screen, but they are, in fact, 100% flat. Can you believe it? You can scroll all the way down to see some close up that will make you think your eyes are playing tricks on you. Yes, he's that good!
We won't bore you with the technicalities, but he uses digital software to transform real vintage maps into elevation maps that are printed on fine, museum-quality paper that is made of 100% cotton. He uses archival inks and buyers can choose a sleek, frameless design or an elegant hardwood frame. The printing and framing process is done by the company Muir Way, founded by Jared Prince. Listen to his story here:
Apart from elevation maps of USA natural reserves, you can find on the Muir Way website maps of almost every country in the world, either in the ravishing colors you see here or in greyscale. In our opinion, this could be a great picture for a loved one for the upcoming holiday season. Sean Conway Maps Source
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