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6 Wine Facts and Puns To Lift Your Spirits

 How much do you know about wine? This drink has a long reach into the history of mankind. Some ancient cultures even dedicated an entire god to wine and used this alcoholic beverage in many of their religious rituals. In modern times, wine still takes up a large portion of many cultures. Grab a glass, sip back and relax, because we have some fun facts and puns about wine to lift up your spirits!

Wine is as Old as Time Itself

ancient wine bottles on a wood barrel
Wine was invented in 6000 BC in Georgia. The locals discovered grape juice could be turned into wine by burying it underground for the winter.
Grape minds drink alike
Drinking to one's health: in ancient Greece, the host used to be the first to drink from the wine to prove to his guests that he wasn't trying to poison them, thus drinking to their health. All for wine and wine for all!
Happy hour? Wine not!

Getting in Shape

wine bottles illustration
Here's a wine-derful thing to know: did you know there are 3 standard shapes for wine bottles? They are Burgundy (right), Bordeaux (left), and Riesling or Hock (center). 
On cloud wine!
Toasting the Roman style: in ancient Rome, a toast used to happen with a real toast in the wine! As the wine was very acidic, the Romans put a piece of toasted bread to balance it out. Sip, sip, hooray!
You're wine in a million

Still Storing Wine Horizontally?

red wine glass in vineyard
The original reason to store wine horizontally was to prevent the cork from shriveling up and letting air in the bottle, resulting in rancid wine with cork crumbles. Shops don't store the wines horizontally because this process may take weeks or even months, but recent research suggests this is false, and there's no need at all to store wine horizontally. 
You're the wine that I want
Punt or pint? The indent at the bottom of a wine bottle is called punt. Originally it was made by glassblowers to make sure the bottle stands up steady, but today it only helps with pouring. Making a punt costs more, making the wine and its price tag seem of higher quality.
You had me at Merlot
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