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14 Amazing Examples of Recycled Crafts

 When you look at the pictures below, the first thing you will wonder is, “How did they do this?” You see, these are incredible examples of people applying their talents to make something unique out of ordinary objects. Someone turned an old TV set into a fish tank while another person made a Christmas tree from old VHS tapes! These impressive art pieces will surely leave you amazed!

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1. She made a giant cardboard statue of her face and won the top prize!

DIY Creations, cardboard statue

2. A bonsai tree made from copper wire

DIY Creations, bonsai tree

3. This electric guitar was made from used skateboardsDIY Creations, electric guitar

4. Can you believe this duck was created using discarded plastic knives?

DIY Creations, duck

5. This fairy succulent garden was made from a broken pot

DIY Creations,  garden patio area

6. “Nora the Salmon made from garbage found on beaches.”

DIY Creations, fish

7. This old TV has been turned into a fish tank!

DIY Creations, old TV

8. Bird feeders made out of teacups

DIY Creations,  Bird feeders

9. An incredibly cool mural made entirely out of bikes

DIY Creations, mural

10. "I made this play kitchen for my daughter by upcycling an old TV cabinet. It even has an LED light in the oven."

DIY Creations, play kitchen

11. Old jeans transformed into a satchel bag

DIY Creations, Old jeans

12. This old dresser has been upcycled to look like a stack of vintage suitcases

DIY Creations, dresser

13. Motorcycle constructed from popsicle sticks

DIY Creations, Motorcycle

14. Probably the most unique Christmas tree you will ever see is made of VHS cassettes.

DIY Creations, Christmas tree
All images source: Izismile
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