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These Bears Will Make You Growl With Laughter – 16 Pics

 Bears are often portrayed as ruthless or dangerous animals. The truth is that bears are quite gentle and tolerant, and they have many traits similar to humans too. For example, these burly animals are known to be empathetic, joyful, playful, social, and even kind, at times. If you are having a hard time believing this, take a look at the pictures below. Here, you will find handsome and adorable bears who act just like humans. And it looks like they are doing it right…

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1. Mommy checking the road for traffic before letting her little ones cross the road

FUNNY Bears, Mommy
Image source: Reddit

2. The most contemplative bear in the world

FUNNY Bears, contemplative
Image source: Reddit

3. All he needs now is a TV...

FUNNY Bears, sofa
Image source: Reddit

4. "Honeeey… The grill’s ready, where are the sausages and burgers?"

FUNNY Bears, grill’
Image source: Reddit

5. "Look, buddy. I know you are cute and all, but I don't like sharing my food, okay?"

FUNNY Bears, chimpunk
Image source: Reddit

6. "How could you choose this human over me, Susan?"

FUNNY Bears, marriage
Image source: Reddit

7. I'm really interested to know what this secret discussion is about...

FUNNY Bears, discussion
Image source: Reddit

8. Come here and give mamma a kiss 

FUNNY Bears, mommy bear
Image source: Reddit

9. Just a bear enjoying the view from his balcony

FUNNY Bears, sights of nature
Image source: Reddit

10. "My! What sweet mittens you have."

FUNNY Bears, mittens
Image source: Reddit

11. Bears in trees? Have you ever seen a crazier sight than this?!!! 

FUNNY Bears, Bears in trees
Image source: Reddit

12. Okay, buddy, look, I have to give you a ticket for dozing off right in the middle of the road...

FUNNY Bears, police and bear
Image source: Reddit

13. "Helloooo!!! Anybody home?"

FUNNY Bears,
Image source: Imgur

14. Meet the elusive "Beagull"

FUNNY Bears, Beagull

15. The bear necessities... 

FUNNY Bears, bear in pool
Image source: Twitter

16. Time for some morning yoga 

FUNNY Bears, yoga
Image source: Flickr
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