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10 Photos of the Beatles on Bicycles from the Shooting of "Help!" Movie, 1965

 The Beatles movie "Help!", 1965, is the second movie they made out of a total of five. It was directed by Richard Lester. There are two intertwined plot lines to this movie. In one, the Beatles try to record an album. Their fifth studio album, Help! is the soundtrack to this movie. In the second plotline, the band tries to save Ringo Starr from a cult and a mad scientist.
The cult tries to sacrifice a woman to their goddess. The woman, a fan of the Beatles, is not wearing her sacrificial ring because she sent it to the band. Ringo wears it instead, not knowing the consequences. The cult leaders chase the band down in London, and while Ringo agrees to let the ring go, it is stuck. He is now next in line to be sacrificed to the goddess. 
Desperate to get some help, the band consults with a jeweler and a scientist who both fail to remove the ring. The scientist, in his search for the mysterious unbreakable material of the ring, now chases the band around London as well. With the cult leader and the scientist on their tail, the Beatles flee to the Bahamas, just to be captured by the cult on the beach. The ring magically falls off and Ringo is saved. 
The bike-riding scene is the final chase-down at the end of the movie. Though we see it towards the end of the movie, it was the first scene that was shot during filming. The band flew to the Bahamas on February 23rd, 1965. They stayed for 2 weeks. The bike-riding scene was shot on Interfield Road, near Nassau International Airport on New Providence Island.
As we all know very well, the camera can be a great storytelling tool but also a skilled liar. As Ringo put it: “The problem was that we went to the Bahamas to film all the hot scenes, and it was freezing. We had to ride around and run around in shirts and trousers, and it was absolutely bloody cold.”

Click here to watch the full movie

The bike-riding scene starts at about 01:16:00

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