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The Benefits of Rebooting Your Router and How to Do So

 These days, a quick and reliable Internet connection is a necessity in most homes. The Wi-Fi router connects your computer, smartphone, or any other electronic device to the internet in your home. In most cases, we only notice this small device when it stops working - a common mistake. Giving your router a little attention and rebooting it once in a while has major benefits.
Rebooting the router improves your internet connection. Just like your home computer, your router will benefit from the occasional restart. As explained by Consumer Reports, a company that provides your internet assigns a temporary IP address to the devices connected to the internet. Over time, this address is updated. If your router doesn’t register that switch, your internet connection may slow down considerably. To avoid this, simply restart your router. 

Similarly, a reboot is the first step you should take if the internet connection is down. Read more about this topic in our article Can’t Connect to the Internet? Here’s What To Do.
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But there’s another reason why you ought to restart your router once in a while, and it has to do with online security. That’s right, a simple restart can protect you from being hacked. Just a few years ago, we wrote about the FBI’s recommendation to reboot all your routers after they have detected suspicious malware created by foreign hackers. The malware allowed hackers to collect information and even disable the routers, a reboot was able to remedy the issue. We present more details on the topic here - This is Why Everyone Should Reset Their Routers.

How often should you shut down the router?

IT experts point out that there’s no exact science on how often you should reboot your router. That said, most recommend restarting the device once every 2-3 months. 

How do you reboot your router?

1. The easiest way to reboot your router is by simply unplugging it. If you see a power switch or button, it’s usually fine to use, but don’t confuse it with a Reset button.

Do NOT use the button labeled as Reset or Restart on the router because they will roll the device back to the factory settings, and you’ll likely need to call your internet provider to complete the reset. Remember that restarting (or rebooting) isn’t the same as resetting the router.

2. After unplugging the device, wait for 30 seconds or more. This allows the device to cool down and lets your devices disconnect from the router.

3. Plug the router back in. After a couple of minutes, your devices will reconnect to the router, and you should be back online. If this doesn’t happen, see if your specific router has a Power button you must press to turn it on. And you’re done!

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