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This Power Washing Stuff Is Magic - 15 Jaw-Dropping Pics

 Finding the inspiration to clean is really difficult sometimes. Nothing motivates me better than imagining how beautiful and organized my home will be once I’m done. Pressure washing, or power washing, brings this satisfaction of before and afters to the maximum because the difference between the same object is simply staggering at times. When you these 15 jaw-dropping pictures of the same buildings, patios, and furniture before and after power washing, you’ll be amazed and maybe motivated to organize the dusty and cluttered corners of your home too (we sure are!).

1. The people who have been living in this house for decades had no idea their patio was colorful until they decided to powerwash it one day

Power Washing colorful patio

2. One man and his power washer can accomplish all this impressive work!

Power Washing a man and his power washer.

3. "Power washing, sanding, and oil this weekend on 20-year-old teak."

Power Washing  20-year-old teak

4. "I never thought my new house was whiteish."

Power Washing white house

5. Even the toddler is impressed!

Power Washing toddler

6. A half-cleaned camper

Power Washing A half-cleaned camper

7. No one knew there was a brick path underneath all that dirt and grass

Power Washing brick path

8. Power washing an entire block in Poland

Power Washing Power washing an entire block in Poland

9. Simply immaculate!

Power Washing immaculate patio

10. A closeup view of the amazing results

Power Washing closeup pavement

11. From a dirty corner to a cozy lounge zone!

Power Washing  cozy lounge zone

12. "My company is renovating an old building they decided to power wash it today."

Power Washing old building renovation

13. Two chairs - one before pressure washing and the other one after...

Power Washing Two chairs

14. These steps haven't been cleaned for at least 15 years

Power Washing steps

15. As good as new!

Power Washing garden
Source of all images: Reddit, Izismile, Bored Panda
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