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These Idyllic Paintings Will Charm Your Heart

 John Constable (11 June 1776 - 31 March 1837) was a famous English Romantic painter known for his gorgeous landscapes. Most of his works were of the English countryside, particularly those representing the Suffolk region where he was born and lived. In fact, he sketched his native valley of River Stour so extensively that the area later came to be known as Constable County.
Constable's works are popular even today. Interestingly, historians say that they weren’t warmly received during his lifetime. Still, Constable later went on to become a major figure in English landscape painting.  
John Constable Paintings,
John Constable (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)
Born in East Bergholt, Suffolk, Constable was largely self-taught and developed his craft slowly. He was a student at the Royal Academy in 1800 and exhibited from 1802 at the Royal Academy in London. Constable’s style was typical – there's usually a freshness of light and color in most of his works.
Apart from showing the idyllic countryside in his paintings, he also displayed scenes of ordinary daily life. The realism and vitality of his works make them stand out.
“Painting is but another word for feeling,” wrote John Constable once. And once you take a look at the works by the painter we have featured here, you will know what he meant. These beautiful artworks, whether of a lone windmill, a quaint cottage, or just a dog watching a rat in the water all evoke plenty of feelings. We’re sure you’ll love these delightful paintings.

1. “Pond in Branchhill”, 1828

John Constable Paintings, Pond
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

2. “Dedham Lock and Mill”, circa 1818

John Constable Paintings, Dedham Lock and Mill
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

3. “A dog watching a rat in the water at Dedham”, 1831

John Constable Paintings, dog
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

4. “Malvern Hall, Warwickshire”, between 1820 and 1821

John Constable Paintings, Malvern Hall, Warwickshire
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

5. “Landscape with windmills near Haarlem, after Jacob van Ruisdael”, 1830

John Constable Paintings, windmills near Haarlem
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

6. “View on the River Stour near Dedham”, circa 1821-22

John Constable Paintings, River Stour near Dedham
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

7. “Walkers on a bridge”, 1816

John Constable Paintings, bridge
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

8. “A study of a donkey”, 1816

John Constable Paintings, donkey
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

9. “A winter landscape with figures on a path, a footbridge and windmills beyond”, 1832

John Constable Paintings, winter landscape
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

10. “Hadleigh Castle”, from 1828 until 1829

John Constable Paintings, Hadleigh Castle”
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

11. “Fire in London, Seen from Hampstead”, circa 1826

John Constable Paintings, Fire in London
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

12. “Netley Abbey by Moonlight”, circa 1833

John Constable Paintings, Netley Abbey by Moonlight
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

13. “Willy Lott's Cottage”, 1832

John Constable Paintings, Willy Lott's Cottage
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

14. “Stoke Poges Church”, 1834

John Constable Paintings, Stoke Poges Church
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

15. “Water Street”, circa 1832

John Constable Paintings, Water Street
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
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